Patricia J Hancock

Everyone should have permission to be themselves

Hi there, I’m Patricia!

What I love, what I’m truly passionate about, is helping other laser-focused women thrive and live the best life possible!

Through self care, minimalism, & holistic health, my mission is to help women nourish their strengths, learn from their opportunities, & fulfill their greatest potential to who they truly aspire to be.

Together we’ll design a definitive path that works with your lifestyle to start living the life you deserve. Real-life solutions showing you how to live your best life & unleash your ability to thrive.


The Self-Care Toolkit


Looking to master your self care routine?

Learn how to effectively create a self care routine that’s personalized to you & your lifestyle. These self care tips cover the biggest obstacles when it comes to implementing your self care, from schedules to brainstorms.

Within these all-inclusive worksheets, planners, & guides, you’ll learn how to build your self worth and take better care of yourself each and every day!

Get ready to transform your well-being & up-level your self care routine!

Grab your complimentary self care toolkit that is going to help you to create a self care routine that’s nurturing, consistent, &, most of all, personalized to your needs!


Our community knows that support is crucial for any big moves. We know the power behind a collective force and we’re ready to help.

When you bring together a collective of fearless, goal-getting women, true magic begins. Within this community, this content is tailored for you from real-life obstacles and topics. You’ll get REAL content not found anywhere else on what’s most important to you.