Patricia J Hancock

My Philosophy

Everyone deserves to live the life they want. A life that truly aligns to who they are and their true purpose in life. A fulfilling life that is filled with unshakable joy.


If you’re ready to stop feeling burned out & at your wit’s end each day, you’re in the right place!

I cultivate passionate, driven women to hone their vision, focus their ambition, & prioritize their well-being.

My expertise is in helping women, like you, to achieve a bigger impact on personalized goals, nurture the fire that resides inside them, & guiding them through the process of figuring out how they show up in the world as their true, authentic self in every aspect of their lives.


Although I now help people live fulfilling lives by emphasizing real-life self-care & encouraging positive, productive mindsets, I started my career in the holistic health & wellness field over 10 years ago.

Traditionally trained in acupressure and bodywork, I’ve worked with countless of clients and other professionals promote the flow of vital energy and facilitate healing in every aspect of their lives.

Knowing that my mission all along has been to share a deeper connection to life, my purpose has always revolved around helping others.

After years of constant strain, overbooking, & taking on way too much, I reached a point in my life where I was at the absolute lowest.

I was trying to do everything at once & falling completely flat.

I was burning out & falling apart. Not only was I setting expectations that were way out of alignment, but I was constantly spreading myself so thin to achieve them.

Having seen my fair share of what we can do to ourselves: the stress, the worry, the pressure we place on ourselves, I was blindly doing the same to myself day by day.

When I realized that no one else was going to fix this for me. The whole game changed.

I started to research everything I could to be more productive, how to take care of myself, & to find that work/life balance.

Everything that I had researched had the same common denominator. To invoke powerful change it all starts with vision, focus, & commitment. That’s it. But why was it so difficult?

When you don’t prioritize yourself, you fight a losing battle.

The key for me was prioritizing myself to get better. I focused my efforts on building better boundaries, taking care of myself, & following through with the schedule I set to reach my goals.

When I did this, I began to notice these huge milestones begin popping up in my personal & professional life.

I felt better, so I could help more people. The quality of what I did was night & day to what it was before. I felt fulfilled in what I was doing because it finally fit in my life & schedule.

What I’m truly passionate about is helping other laser-focused women thrive and live the best life possible.

If you’re looking for positivity, motivation, and guidance, you’re in the right place! No matter where you are in your journey, you will find something to grow, overcome, and nurture your true self.

When you start a
sustainable, personalized
self care routine, you’ll see:


    • Most self-care activities activate your parasympathetic nervous system. What this means is that your body goes into a restful, rejuvenating mode, helping it to fortify its immune system.


    • When you regularly set aside time where the main focus is to be good to yourself and meeting your own needs, you begin to rebuild your self esteem by promoting positivity. You begin to treat yourself like you matter and have true intrinsic value. This can go a long way toward discouraging negative self-talk!


    • When you learn how to set healthy boundaries and start prioritizing your own well-being, you begin to bring your goals into sharper focus. More passionate, realistic goals begin to fill your planner and you begin to better concentrate on what you’re doing.


    • Practicing self-care requires thinking about what you really love to do. The exercise of figuring out what makes you feel passionate and inspired can help you understand yourself a lot better.


    • Self-care gives you the resources you need to be compassionate to others. When you’re positive with yourself, this begins to set the standard to be kind towards others. Once your self-compassion begins looping throughout the day to yourself, this compassion will come more naturally when interacting with others.

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