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Our lives are constantly changing, from the scenery and situations around us to the internal voice observing it all from within.

I’m here to help women nourish their strengths, learn from their opportunities, & rise to who they aspire to be.

With my framework, be prepared to make big moves & thrive.


“We’re inspired by the world around us
& always strive to think outside the box.”

What I’m truly passionate about is helping other laser-focused women thrive and live the best life possible.

I cultivate passionate, driven women to hone their vision, focus their ambition, & unleash their unlimited potential into a true, actionable plan.

I truly believe each client I work with is unique & should get a personalized coaching experience to fit your uniqueness.

Because of that, I approach each session with a process centered around identifying your unique qualities & creating a customized plan to invoke powerful change.

When we work together, we’ll find & nurture that unbelievable magic that has been hiding within you.

If you’re looking for positivity, motivation, and guidance, you’re in the right place! No matter where you are in your journey, you will find something to grow, overcome, and nurture your true self.


I’m Patricia!

Although I now help people worldwide live fulfilling lives by using cognitive behavioral therapy, emphasizing real-life self-care, & encouraging positive, productive mindsets, I started my career in the holistic health & wellness field over 10 years ago.

Knowing that my mission all along has been to share a deeper connection to life, my purpose has always revolved around helping others.

After years of constant strain, overbooking, & taking on way too much, I reached a point in my life where I was at the absolute lowest.

I was trying to do everything at once & falling completely flat. I was burning out & falling apart. Not only was I setting expectations that were way out of alignment, but I was constantly spreading myself so thin to achieve them.

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Having seen my fair share of what we can do to ourselves: the stress, the worry, the pressure we place on ourselves, I was blindly doing the same to myself day by day.

When I realized that no one else was going to fix this for me.
The whole game changed.

I started to research everything I could to be more productive, how to take care of myself, & to find that work/life balance.

Everything that I had researched had the same common denominator. To invoke powerful change it all starts with vision, focus, & commitment. That’s it. But why was it so difficult?

When you don’t prioritize yourself, you fight a losing battle.

The key for me was prioritizing myself to get better. I focused my efforts on building better boundaries, taking care of myself, & following through with the schedule I set for myself.

When I did this, I began to notice these huge milestones begin popping up in my personal & professional life.

I felt better, so I could help more people. The quality of what I did was night & day to what it was before. I felt fulfilled in what I was doing because it finally fit in my life & schedule.


for success

  • Providing an outside perspective & a holistic view of YOU.

  • Empowering you to look beyond circumstances to develop a growth mindset.

  • Offering honesty & candor in relation to your progression & opportunities.

  • Helping you create a vision so you can live purposely.

  • Assisting you in developing a work/life balance so that you can always be at your best.

  • Sharpening your skills & building stronger career expertise.

  • Providing accountability to achieve your goals & mission.

  • Ensuring growth through challenges & intrinsic homework exercises

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creating your vision

Together we will dive into your true vision from inception to implementation.

We’ll dive into what moves you, where your values align, & all of the beautiful ideas that you have floating around. With all of those ideas, we’ll finally piece them together into a coherent, actionable plan (Phase 2!)

We’ll move past the superficial & go through your vision detail by detail. You’ll know what your goal is and that leads us to…


purposeful mapping

Once the details of your vision have been worked through in week one, we will begin mapping it out line by line. Milestone by milestone. Goal by ever-so-sweet goal!

Week-by-week, month-by-month, you will have a complete road map of how to make your goal into a reality whilst keeping your mindset fresh and engaged.

No boring “do this, do that” type of mapping, this is scheduling with a purpose and that purpose? Your success at achieving what you really want.


commitment & accountability

Girl, I get it. Staying on task is difficult and things pop up more than you like to admit. I’ve been there, and worked with so many people who go through the same. With all of these different situations and personalities, I’ve learned one major point: accountability and commitment are a must.

I’m 100% committed to guiding you towards your goal and I’m 100% committed to your success. Each time we meet, we’re going to go over those obstacles, those successes, and search out ways to get you towards your true vision.


Are you ready for your next chapter?