10 Powerful Ways to Practice Self Love & Self Acceptance

Within this article, we’re going to start with the building blocks to bring you back to a place of more understanding and acceptance of who you are. These 10 practices will invoke powerful change and radial transformation to how you view yourself.

The idea of self-love and adopting an acceptance mindset can be a hard one to integrate into your life.

Finding a place of self-acceptance can be a tough routine to find yourself in. When it comes to ourselves, we tend to have a lot of harsh criticisms over every little thing that we do.

Sometimes the harsh things we say to ourselves would never be said to another person.

Whether you’re coming from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, or just feeling deflated from a burden you carry, loving yourself and adopting an acceptance mindset is crucial.

Self-love is sometimes mistaken for cockiness, vanity, or even selfishness.

These negative thoughts are brought on by the toxicity of others or maybe even ourselves, thus repeating our own criticisms.

This endless cycle of criticism and toxicity is what lead us to move farther and farther away from our own acceptance and self-love.

Don’t feel as if you’re stuck in that cycle.

Self love and self acceptance don’t have a cap on when you can start practicing. In fact, sometimes the more time we’ve spent away from practicing it, the better we feel when we’ve reached true acceptance.

So, after being critical for so long, where do you start?

How do you start accepting yourself?

This article is made to give you the building blocks to truly make the necessary steps to begin your journey towards more understanding and inviting self love back into your life.

Within this article, you’ll learn the 10 most powerful ways to practice self love and self acceptance and be inspired by these easy self love tips! These 10 practices will invoke powerful change and radical transformation to your self love practice and easy to add to your self care routine. #selflove #selfcare #selfesteem #personaldevelopment #selfacceptance #selflovetips #selfimprovement

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Finding Your Community

Most of the time, we spread ourselves so thin that we forget to keep ourselves grounded within what we love and who we love.

It’s always great to go out and find new adventures and people, but when we’re not kind to ourselves, we begin to push too hard to fit ourselves into everything.

If we’re coming from a place lacking self love, we begin to “prove ourselves” right by associating with people who reflect how we see ourselves.

Negativity and toxicity within ourselves tends to manifest in the people we associate with. When you make the change to a more accepting mindset, you may have to rethink who you have within your inner circle.

The people close to you are, most of the time, understanding and want to see you succeed and grow.

But be prepared to make hard decisions about those who may not want to see you in this new chapter.

Although the decision is tough, always start by talking to everyone close to you before you start weighing in who’s in your support system.

Practicing mindfulness

When you’re being pulled in several different directions at once, you start to lose sight of many things.

Mindfulness is one of those tools that pulls you back in and grounds you back into reality.

This concept has been gaining traction lately and for good reason! Many times, we find ourselves being pulled through life on someone else’s agenda.

When we connect back to what we want and why we want them, we begin to pull away from that current of others and go on our own path.

If there’s outside negativity in our lives, shining a light on them when we’re mindful is the first step in finding an answer and a fix.

When we walk through life with eyes open, we’re more likely to look for the good in ourselves and others.

Understanding your best qualities

Focusing on what you do well and reflecting on it can lead you down the path of self love throughout your routines.

It can be so difficult to start to look at yourself in a positive light, but when you start with just one thought that isn’t negative this habit begins to develop and breaks you out from that spiral.

So many times, we’ll knee-jerk to trying to say something so positive that it doesn’t work because we don’t believe it yet.

For example, if you’re constantly hard on yourself over not being outgoing with others, saying that you’re a great conversationalist isn’t going to resonate within you.

Instead of making an overly positive statement over something that you’ve been so hard on yourself over, saying something like: “I have the ability to talk to others” will help to lead you down a more loving path.

Sometimes we find our best qualities from the suggestions of others. Within your tribe, ask them what they think your best qualities are. Usually, the qualities that they pick are things that we take for granted or maybe just don’t see as a “worthy” quality.

Within this article, you’ll learn the 10 most powerful ways to practice self love and self acceptance and be inspired by these easy self love tips! These 10 practices will invoke powerful change and radical transformation to your self love practice and easy to add to your self care routine. #selflove #selfcare #selfesteem #personaldevelopment #selfacceptance #selflovetips #selfimprovement

Celebrating your achievements

My favorite thing to have an on-going list of things that I really hit out of the park. Even just focusing on the little things can make a huge difference when you’re teaching yourself how to accept yourself again.

This little list can be kept in your phone notes, in a journal, or even just as a loose paper in your bag. Having something that is going to remind you of your wins is crucial to begin your path to self acceptance.

Creating healthy boundaries

When you put up boundaries, you are setting the expectations for how others will treat you.

This goes back to the importance of having a loving community/tribe.

Setting boundaries that align with your goal of incorporating self love into your routine, sets the bar for what is in and around your life.

Since creating healthy boundaries can be a whole journey in itself, and one that can help with other aspects of your life.

There’s an entire post on how to create healthy boundaries here that will help you to really dive deep into how to begin setting them up the most effective way.

Practicing a personalized self care routine

When you run yourself into the ground, of course you’ll be more susceptible to negativity.

Overbooking, spreading yourself too thin, all of these things can lead us to believe we’re not good enough because we’re proving ourselves right.

Starting a self care routine refreshes your views and recharges your energy to take on those tasks at 100%.

Punishing yourself by taking on more work only hurts us and never gives us the successful outcome we want.

When we truly rest and recharge, we are performing the ultimate, most sacred form of self love by honoring ourselves.

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 Saying “No” without guilt

This can be the hardest concept to grasp, especially for people pleasers, but is so important for protecting your energy.

Going back to the point from above, over-scheduling and over-compensating only leads us to drain ourselves so thin that we have nothing positive to left to give.

Not even to ourselves.

Whenever you’re implementing something new into your routine or lifestyle, the key to success is finding your personalized balance.

When we say “no” to things that are going to tip the scales into energy-draining, time-holes, a lot of work for little return… we protect ourselves and set up a sacred line that says:

“I am kind enough to myself that I understand that I do not have the time/energy/interest in doing “x,y,z” task.”

You are your best advocate and using your new self love practice to build up the loving power of no is crucial.

Diving deeper into your why’s

When you’re start to practice self love and self acceptance, looking beyond the face value of why you do things can be a hard habit to get into.

Having an understanding of why you do the things that you do can lead you down a path of intentional, mindful planning.

For example, if you know that you are hard on yourself for not saying what you should have, take this time to deep dive into your why. Why did that situation or conversation cause you to shell back? Was it the person? The topic? Fear of judgement?

Spider-webbing back into the why of your habits opens you to a better understanding and the ability to change the course of your actions in the future.

Within this article, you’ll learn the 10 most powerful ways to practice self love and self acceptance and be inspired by these easy self love tips! These 10 practices will invoke powerful change and radical transformation to your self love practice and easy to add to your self care routine. #selflove #selfcare #selfesteem #personaldevelopment #selfacceptance #selflovetips #selfimprovement

Finding release

Not only is protection from negativity a huge part of self love and self acceptance, but having a release when you do encounter it is huge.

This can look like a self care ritual after a rather hard conversation, or maybe even a sit down with a friend or family member to gain insight into the situation.

Finding a release allows you to break free of the constant ruminating thoughts that tend to plague us when we are without self love.

Constantly, we’ll sit there and analyze a situation over and over and invite that negativity/toxicity back time and time again.

When we release and move past what we get “stuck on” we begin to heal faster.

Reflection, planning, & recording

Time and time again, we stumble into this big-kid-on-the-block mentality where we think we can handle it all.

Yep, we’re going to take care of everything by ourselves without any type of planning, writing, or talking. Just me, and me.

When you’re changing your lifestyle and beginning to add something new into your routine, tracking and reflection are crucial for successfully implementing them.

Everything that you begin to practice and become mindful of, write it down and get it out into the real world.

When we’re conscious about what we’re practicing, the most success we will get and the more benefits we will begin to see.

By actively reflecting and recording your progress, you can sort your thoughts and find where your growth opportunities are.

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