50 Self Care Ideas for Women

With so many self care ideas out there, it can be tough to find out which one works best for you! After so many failed attempts at self care, I went on the search to find out what the best self care ideas are and who was practicing them successfully.

Have you ever noticed that some women just seem to have everything together? Work, family, but most of all, herself? It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparing and feeling down about what’s on your plate.

With everything on your to-do list, self care can seem like some type of far away dream. Although it’s easy to put off, self care is definitely not something that should be put off until whenever.

(I know you’ve heard this 100 times before, but I’ll volunteer be the 101st time.)

Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit should be one of your top priorities. Most of the time though? That care gets kicked off to tomorrow, and then the next day, and then what day? Self-who?

If you’re brand new to self care, I want you to start off on the right foot. Check out How to Start a Self Care Routine which is an easy to implement guide to getting your self care routine down to what matters the most: taking care of yourself in the best way possible.

With time being at the forefront of the many reasons why people find it hard to practice self care, I rounded up 50 self care ideas from successful women who legit seem to do it all.

We’re talking entrepreneurs, corner-office gals, stay at home moms, creative hobbyists, you name them, I found them! Each of these 50 self care ideas are schedule-friendly (score!) so finding one that works best for you will be a piece of cake.

Most of these self care ideas make their rounds in a lot of the girl bosses’s routines, so I’m excited to share these with you and I know you’ll find one that really calls out to you!

50 Self Care Ideas

1.       Reading something fulfilling

2.       Going for a short walk each day

3.       Sight-seeing in a nice part of town

4.       Going to the movies

5.       Adventuring in the downtown part of a city

6.       Rest, rest, rest

7.       Using a diffuser and essential oils

8.       Order in lunch

9.       Relax at a coffee or tea shop

10.   20 stretches throughout the day

11.   Celebrate small victories and accomplishments

12.   Delving into creative hobbies

13.   Making a list of what you love about yourself

14.   Stepping out of their normal routine

15.   Creating a vision board for your personal goals

16.   Spending time with family & friends

17.   Exploring through meditation

18.   Tidy up around your most frequented areas in your house

19.   Take 5 deep breaths in between a tough decision and an equally tough answer

20.   Simple meals through out the day to take the stress off of grocery shopping

21.   Going out of your way to be kind to others

22.   Strike up a small conversation with others while out and about

23.   Protect your schedule and schedule life-distractions

24.   Ditch the idea of “should” and what you “should” do

25.   Start (or fix!) your morning routine into something that works for you

The best list of 50 self care ideas from successful women! A complete guide on what makes these girl bosses feel great to keep them productive through their busy schedules. Includes a free 7-day course to help implement these ideas into your routine! #selfcare #selflove #personalgrowth #girlboss


There’s a lot more posts like this over at the Self Care hub! There’s plenty of articles to help you find real life solutions with results that are tailored to your lifestyle.

26.   Make a playlist of your favorite feel good music

27.   Unfollow or mute toxic people on your social media page

28.   A regular yoga routine

29.   Going to bed early

30.   Unplug for one hour a day

31.   Dressing up for a regular day

32.   Going to your local art museum for the day

33.   Accompany others while going on errands and daily tasks

34.   Spending time with and surrounding yourself with people who are enthusiastic and positive

35.   Writing a hand-written letter to a friend or family member

36.   Going through old journals and emails from other’s

37.   Organize your closet and donating old clothes

38.   Volunteering at a community fundraiser

39.   Take a day trip with a friend you haven’t seen in a while

40.   Spend some undivided time with your family outside

41.   Learn a word in a new language each day

42.   Rethink your calendar and planner set up to a more functioning way

43.   Regular reflexology

44.   Relax with a Netflix binge on a new show

45.   Help your friends or family with a difficult task they’ve undertaken

46.   20 minutes of quiet each and every day

47.   Watch the sunrise or sunset from outside

48.   Take a drive out into a more rural area close by

49.   Listen to a positive-living podcast

50.   Tell yourself something nice about you in the mirror

The best list of 50 self care ideas from successful women! A complete guide on what makes these girl bosses feel great to keep them productive through their busy schedules. Includes a free 7-day course to help implement these ideas into your routine! #selfcare #selflove #personalgrowth #girlboss

The Secret of Sticking to a Self Care Routine

Self care is all about you. No if’s, and’s, or but’s, it’s all about you and what works for you. In the list above, you do not have to follow all of them to be successful.

You can pick one, own it, and feel 100x’s better than before you started.

When you’re adding new self care ideas to your routine, ask yourself the most important question of: “how will this make me feel better?” Allow yourself to answer this honestly when you’re adding something to your routine.

If you add in something that you’re only lukewarm to, that feeling of overwhelm that you’re already feeling with feel 10x’s worse than before you started.

When your goal is to stick to a self care routine, look for self care ideas that fit your personality, lifestyle, and schedule. Some ideas take a lot of time and effort, which may not be the best for you right now. And that’s okay!

Self care doesn’t have to be a full day detox, it can be sitting by yourself in silence for 10 minutes. Listen to what your body and mind are leading you too. Sometimes the day’s self care could be going to bed an hour early because you’re tired.

Scheduling and planning are great and help a lot of successful people stick to their goals. But what you don’t need in your self care routine is rigidity and “rule-abidding.” Think of self care as the antidote for the things in your life that are like that.

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