How to Completely Clean, Organize, and Declutter Your Closets

In the third part of the series, learn how to completely clean, organize, and declutter your closets! This guide can easily be used to declutter any closet, no matter what the contents are or how large. Use the free printable to complete each closet on your own schedule and at your own pace!
In the third part of the series, learn how to completely clean, organize, and declutter your closets! This guide can easily be used to declutter any closet, no matter what the contents are or how large. Use the free printable to complete each closet on your own schedule and at your own pace!
In the third part of the series, learn how to completely clean, organize, and declutter your closets! This guide can easily be used to declutter any closet, no matter what the contents are or how large. Use the free printable to complete each closet on your own schedule and at your own pace!

Welcome to Room Three of the Completely Organized Living Space series! Today is an easy day for cleaning but may be a bit of struggle with clutter. In the Third Part of this series, we're going to declutter your closets! That’s right: closets are on the list today. All closets. Every closet in your house. If you have a pantry closet space, hold off on that one until you’re in the kitchen phase.

I am passionate about keeping your life simple! The benefits of a simplified house on your health are out of this world, and people are really starting to take notice!

So today, we’re covering the clutter-holes that are the worst offenders: closets, almost all of them!

If you’re new here, I do suggest you start at Part One of the Series!

Usually, I’m not a stickler when it comes to following rules. I’m all for making it work for you and your schedule! I do highly suggest following each room in the order that I’ve laid them out. I’ve cleaned, decluttered, and organized plenty of spaces, big and small, and this order has a big purpose if you want to be successful in your overhaul.

In each room, I let you know this purpose and why it matters to you why it’s in the order that it’s in. No ultra-secret sauce here, just some mindset and motivation working with you!

Are you ready to tackle Room Three and be even closer to your completely organized living space? Let’s jump to it!

What is this Series?

Are you beginning to notice the small things in your home just keep multiplying and taking over? Or have you been cooped up and your house has drove you completely nuts? Is your house getting out of hand and you feel completely overwhelmed? Take a deep breath, because you're going to get a clean slate in this series! We're talking cleaning, organizing, and decluttering for a fresh start for any living space!

When I started working more out of my home, I wasn’t able to escape for 40+ hours a week like I used to. This also forced me to stare at my loads and loads of clutter that I did not want or need. To make matters even worse, this happened just as weather got colder. Forcing me to look at it even more!

Today’s the day you’ll get everything organized and decluttered, and you won’t be forced to look at the mess any longer.

Sometimes useful, daily items turn into clutter, just because they haven’t been organized or found a home! Or worse, clutter is taking up the spot where the useful item would usually go!

Today, we’re going to dive into how you can declutter, organize, and clean up your space so you can start with brand new slate, fit for you and won’t drive you nuts! The best part is: no special items required. You won’t have to make a special trip to get fancy storage boxes or stock up on label maker tape.

That’s right, we’re keeping it simple and uncomplicated!

This series is for those who want to start a solid foundation and have a clean slate to finally start enjoying their space. This series has been extensively tested by myself and others who really, really enjoy a well-organized, clean living space. If this sounds like you, I’m here to help get you the space you deserve!

In-Depth and Room by Room

This series got so ginormous that I divided it up into an in-depth room-by-room breakdown. I wanted this series to lead to your success story, and making it bite-sized is the easiest way to accomplish just that! For each room, go at your own pace and if you're feeling froggy, do more than one room a day!


Not ready to clean just yet? Pin it now and read through this later!

Free Printable Checklists Galore!

Each room in this series has its own free checklist to make sure that you are making the most of your time and leaving no stone un-turned!

We’re talking decluttering, cleaning, organizing, the whole kit-and-caboodle! A new living space that you can design with your own two hands. How awesome is that?! The best part is: you can use this method at any time of the year! You can even pick and choose rooms once you’ve done the first BIG round.

This series is meant to be able to give you the clean slate you deserve in your living space, no matter how big or how small it is. When you spend most of your life between four walls, you want that space to be a positive environment for you and your well-being!

With these easy to follow steps, I know you can succeed in getting your home completely cleaned, organized, and positively livable!

Room Three: Closets

Okay, so not really a room, per-se, but this part of the series are closets! Yes, all closets, not just clothes! These rooms are the backbone for living spaces. The first thing that people always look for in a new living space is storage. The problem is: these storage spots just keep accumulating everything without anything ever being tossed out or gone through!

These spaces can become bottomless pits for clutter. If you’re at the point where your closets aren’t even worth opening, this is the day for you! I do highly suggest printing out the printable for each closet, just so you have the list of what's in the closet. That way, you can revisit them to spruce it up later!

Why all closets?

You’ve been enjoying your clean bedroom from Part One, your sparkling spa oasis of a bathroom in Part Two, now it’s time to get rid of all clutter that’s hiding in your home’s closets.

Closets are like a magician. They have the innate ability to make clutter disappear and reappear when you’re not ready for it. Not only do you find yourself opening a closet to look for something, but you also have to fight your way around all of the other things in there.

And the bulk of all of this clutter? If you’re like me, it’s mostly clothes. Any and all clothes tend to clutter up closets. Closets are also the hiding place for a lot of “what-if” clutter!

“What-if” clutter is clutter that doesn’t serve a purpose now but it could in the future.

This is usually what stops most people from decluttering because they have the fear of “what-if” if they toss an item. The startling fact is that when you do get rid of this “what-if” clutter, your life is not changed by it.

We have a funny way of attaching emotions to things, but in the end, we usually end up a lot happier when we aren’t burdened. Think back to this when you’re going through clutter. Would your life be truly impacted if you were to get rid of this item?

So, why closets today? Before we tackle the biggest impact rooms, we need to make your closets functional and strip them down to what you want and need in them. That way, when the big rooms are here, you can clear that clutter easily without fighting along the way!

Start with your daily use closet

Starting with your most used closet, start by pulling everything out and setting it aside.

Take everything out and you’re left with a fresh, albeit dusty, closet!

I can’t stress enough how much you need to clean these rooms out every once and a while! They are dust havens and can collect a cobweb faster than anyone’s business!

Take your blue Dawn and your damp rag, and start wiping everything down. Walls, dowel rods, hooks, hangers, and so on! Anything that’s on those walls, wipe them down!

Once your walls are wiped down, any shelves are fair game. Wipe the top and bottom of the shelf to get rid of Any rogue dirt or grime that has collected. Wipe your shelves dry so they won’t warp from the moisture.

If you have wire shelves, the best, most effective way to clean these are with a scrub-brush. The bigger then better! All of those bristles will get around and knock off any dirt hiding between the wires.

If your closet is carpeted, give it a quick vacuum. If it really needs some TLC, sprinkle baking soda on it and let it sit before vacuuming it up.

Non-carpeted closets, give it a good sweep and mop before turning your eyes to your clutter.

Decluttering Your Closets - Clothes

Since this series is all about clean slates, we’re going to tackle your clothes like its never been tackled before!

The best way to declutter clothes for me is to pick out what has been through the laundry. If you’re the sole launderer in your house, this is a memory game on top of your decluttering.

You’re looking for “what did I actually wear” in these clothes. Laundry is an easy way to decipher what you wore! If you have a lot of clothes that you want to wear but haven’t, they will go into the other pile to be further sorted out.

Once you get these sorted out, look at what’s left. Ask yourself these two questions:

“Is it damaged, wrong sized, uncomfortable, and/or avoided?”

If it’s a yes, toss it into a donation if it’s not damaged. Damaged clothes get sent to the trash pile.

With any clothing, see if you can repurpose it before it heads out to your bins. I’m all about making old, damaged clothes into cleaning/dish rags!

Tip: don’t make woven clothes into dish rags, you will regret it with thread in your sink for days!

If you answered no, let’s head to the next question!

“Is it seasonal or will I wear it when it’s in season?”

If it’s a no, toss it into the donation pile!

If it’s a yes, make a spot in your closet that can hold your seasonal items, so you can rotate them out easily. The best spot is usually the far end of your closet, if it’s hanging clothes, or the lowest drawer in your dresser. Pick a spot that’s not going to get in the way of your daily use.

Don’t be afraid of giving yourself a free pass in decluttering clothes! I don’t know how many times I found clothes that I loved and made a point to wear them afterwards. Clothes can always be decluttered as you go, so don't come down too hard on yourself. Laundry day is a great day to look at what’s left in your wardrobe!

Decluttering Your Closets - Storage Items

This topic is broad since I know your closets hold more than just clothes. However, don’t let that deter you from decluttering them!

Any clutter can be conquered if you take it back to basics. “Do you use it, do you like it?” If you find yourself answering no to both of these questions, it may be time for you to part with the item.

I get it, some items you’re just not in the right time to part with them. Don’t feel pressured to get rid of things, but don’t feel obligated to keep something just to keep something. If your closets are holding spots for sentimental items, I wrote up an article covering specifically that!

For all other items, go back to the two, simple questions: do you use it? Do you like it? If you’re answering no to these questions, set it aside to be donated or tossed if it’s broken.

Are you finding yourself struggling with decluttering some items? In How to Overcome Any Struggle with Decluttering, I cover just that so you don’t feel stuck when you’re going through these closets.

Also, if the two-bin sorting of decluttering isn’t your cup of tea, check out the decluttering tag to see other ways of decluttering these items even quicker!

Finishing Up!

Once you have everything you want to keep for your closet, make sure everything as clean as it’s going to get (and dry!) before moving everything back in.

With an open closet, think about what you use and how to organize it in a way that won’t hassle you. Do you have your vacuum and broom in a coat closet? How can you make it easier to access these without conking yourself in the head?

Think back to what exactly is this closet used for and how you want it to work for you; this will help . And remember, empty closets are okay too!

Once your closets are put back the way that you want them, pat yourself on the back and kick back! You’ve already accomplished THREE parts of this series! How awesome is that! And no small feat either!

Don’t give up, you can clear your home and get a clean slate, no matter what your schedule is like. If you have a lot of closets and a bursting schedule, take your time and go through each one. You want to accomplish this and progress, don’t let perfectionism stand in your way of doing just that!