A Completely Organized Living Space Series - Part Four


Welcome back to A Completely Organized Living Space! In Part Four of this Series, we’re going to be tackling the biggest, most-lived-in room of them all: the living room! To declutter the living room can be overwhelming, but fear not! You have an amazing organized bedroom,a clean, spotless bathroom, and more closet space than you know what to do with!

This room can be a huge challenge, especially if that’s your main space like it is for me. This series is meant to set you up for success by building your decluttering confidence so no matter how substantial the room is or how cluttered and dirty it is, it doesn’t stand a chance!

Since this room is a such a substantial room, setting aside the most time for it is a step in the right direction. This series is set up for you to successfully declutter and do so on your schedule without pressure to declutter everything with strict guidelines.

If you’re new here, I do suggest you start at Part One of the Series!

Usually, I’m not a stickler when it comes to following rules. I’m all for making it work for you and your schedule! I do highly suggest following each room in the order that I’ve laid them out. I’ve cleaned, decluttered, and organized plenty of spaces, big and small, and this order has a big purpose if you want to be successful in your overhaul.

In each room, I let you know this purpose and why it matters to you why it’s in the order that it’s in. No ultra-secret sauce here, just some mindset and motivation working with you!

Are you ready to tackle the living room in Part Four and be even closer to your completely organized living space? Let’s jump to it!

What is this Series?

Are you noticing the small things in your home just keep multiplying and taking over? Or have you been cooped up and your house has drove you completely nuts? Is your house getting out of hand and you feel completely overwhelmed? Take a deep breath, because you're going to get a clean slate in this series! We're talking cleaning, organizing, and decluttering for a fresh start for any living space!

When I started working more out of my home, I wasn’t able to escape for 40+ hours a week like I used to. This also forced me to stare at my loads and loads of clutter that I did not want or need. To make matters even worse, this happened just as weather got colder. Forcing me to look at it even more!

Today’s the day you’ll get everything organized and decluttered, and you won’t be forced to look at the mess any longer.

Sometimes useful, daily items turn into clutter, just because they haven’t been organized or found a home! Or worse, clutter is taking up the spot where the useful item would usually go!

Today, we’re going to dive into how you can declutter, organize, and clean up your space so you can start with brand new slate, fit for you! The best part is: no special items required. You won’t have to make a special trip to get fancy storage boxes or stock up on label maker tape.

That’s right, we’re keeping it simple and uncomplicated!

Have you been looking for guidance on how to start enjoying your space? This series has been extensively tested by myself and others who thrive in a well-organized, clean living space. If this sounds like you, I’m here to help get you the space you deserve!

In-Depth and Room by Room

This series got so ginormous that I divided it up into an in-depth room-by-room breakdown. I wanted this series to lead to your success story, and making it bite-sized is the easiest way to accomplish just that! For each room, go at your own pace and if you're feeling froggy, do more than one room a day!

Not ready to clean just yet? Pin it now and read through this later!


Free Printable Checklists Galore!

Each room in this series has its own free checklist to make sure that you are making the most of your time and leaving no stone un-turned!

We’re talking decluttering, cleaning, organizing, the whole kit-and-caboodle! A new living space that you can design with your own two hands. How awesome is that?! The best part is: you can use this method at any time of the year! You can even pick and choose rooms once you’ve done the first BIG round.

This series is meant to be able to give you the clean slate you deserve in your living space, no matter how big or how small it is. When you spend most of your life between four walls, you want that space to be a positive environment for you and your well-being!

With these easy to follow steps, I know you can succeed in getting your home completely cleaned, organized, and positively livable!

So without further ado, let’s get into how to clean, organize, and declutter the living room!

Room Four: The Living Room

Don't forget your free printable checklist!

This is not as massive as it sounds! Even though you’ve been pecking away at your rooms one by one, the rest of the house is completely cleaned, organized, and decluttered. Now? It’s time for the most lived in spaces: the living room!

It’s so lived in that it even has “living” in the name!

If you’re like me, this room always bears the brunt of incoming clutter. Anyone else have a junk drawer or disheveled shelf that finds its way here? You’re not alone!

Whenever this room gets even a bit messy or cluttered, it can feel like the whole house is in shambles. In my own practice, I keep the living room stashed away until the end just because it is the most substantially used of the house.

When the majority of your house has already been completely decluttered, it’s easier to stay motivated for the every day room. This also allows you to see what you actually need in this room when rogue items have been rehomed.

A hairbrush in the living room? Not as odd as you think! But now it’s back in the bathroom where it belongs and out of the living room.

The second to last room is for you to start seeing daily results. Results that you can interact with and mold to fit your lifestyle once you have a clean slate!

Clear it out, Plan it out

With any big room, start by clearing everything out of the room. Start small with drawers, electronics, lamps, and so on, before moving to your heavier pieces. Ideally, the room should be completely empty before starting.

If you’re not able to move the big furniture items, ask for help or shuffle it around during the cleaning! Don’t stress yourself out because a couch won’t fit through the door! If I’m pressed for time, I move all of the big items to one side of the room and out of the way. Just find a spot that’s out of the way for now.

Once you have a clear space to think in, grab your checklist and write down what your ideal living room would have in it. Start with your most used items and move down the list. Be as detailed as you can, so you can grab it and stash it back!

On your checklist, there is a space to get creative in. If you’re not good at drawing, it’s okay! My couch ends up being a rectangle and my TV is usually a box! Since there’s usually big, honking furniture in here, it’s good to go in with a plan of attack.

In this creative box on your checklist, plan out your ideal living room. Where would you put the couch? The TV? Bookshelf? Grab a pencil and plan it out here so you can see a blank canvas!

Deep Cleaning Time

Once you have your living room planned out with how you want it to look, it’s time to start with the cleaning to get this room sparkling!

We’re going in with Blue Dawn, hot water, and a cloth rag!

If your living room is the most efficient dust factory like mine, take a dry cloth before your damp cloth to get rid of the dust on the walls. How is it possible to accumulate that much dust? I have no idea, but it’s there.

Wipe down the walls, window frames, window sills, doors and door frames with a dry cloth before moving onto your damp, soapy cloth. Start at the top and work in circles to break up the grime. Once your grime is busted from ceiling to floor, take a clean, dry cloth and wipe it down.

If you have non-carpeted floors, sweep up any rogue wall-dust and floor dust. I usually keep my damp cloth handy for any dust fly-aways that pop back onto the wall after sweeping. After a good sweep, mop yourself out where the majority of the living room items were moved to!

For carpeted floors, this can be tough but manageable! Since this room is a dust factory, preventative work is the best course of action, but for this deep clean, grab the trusty baking soda. Sprinkle this room from corner to corner and let it sit until you’re ready to move everything back in. Sprinkle yourself out to where your living room items were moved to!

Keep in mind for carpeted floors, you may have dust fly-aways popping up more often during rearranging and moving. Just swipe it away with your damp cloth. Annoying, but worth it!

If there’s furniture tucked away in a corner, no sweat. Just mop or sprinkle around them!

Time to Declutter the Living Room!

Now that you’ve dusted or mopped your way out, it’s time to gather up all living room items that have grown legs and ran around the rest of the house. Gather them up and set them with everything you pulled out from the living room.

In this series, the easiest way to declutter is by using the pile method. If this method is not your cup of tea or it doesn’t give you the results you need, I am passionate about helping you declutter. And I love to write about it to share what works!

Check out the decluttering page to get some really amazing, non-pile methods that will work for you and your situation. Sentimental items, declutter struggles, don’t stand a chance, so don’t feel that this pile-method is the only option out there!

If you have drawers or bookshelves, lay everything out so you can go through what belongs in your most lived room!

Separate your Items

Once everything is in front of you, start your three piles: daily use, donate, and trash. Usually, living room items are pretty entertainment focused, so keep this in mind while piling them out.

Is this a movie you’re ever going to be entertained by or watch again? Same question for a book or a video game! Ask yourself that question when you’re faced with the keep or not to keep.

I included the trash pile since some DVDs and video games can become so beat up that they’re not worth donating. If you’re done with some media, give it to someone else a chance to enjoy it as much as you did!

Once you’ve sorted everything out, if you’re on the fence about some media, you can always digitalize it to your computer before you donate it! Which leads me to:

Side Project: Digitize Multimedia

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by this major room, this can be set aside for another day. In my decluttering journey, digitizing most of my movies and video games were a huge help in decluttering the living room and my house in general.

This can be set aside for another day, but it’s something to start planning for if you’re a movie, video game, or book collector! Start with changing your mindset towards physical entertainment and make the gradual switch to digital copy to free up space.

Anytime you’re storing a lot of media, your best bet is to go with Cloud Storage or an external hard drive. WD MyCloud is the best of both worlds and easy to hook up too if you’re in the market!

This can be done gradually and with time, so don’t feel rushed to go through all of your media. Set them up how you want them in the meantime and pick them off one by one!

Move Everything Back In!

Once everything is dry or after you've ran the vacuum, move everything back in the way that you’ve listed it on your checklist. Keep in mind you want this room to suit what you use it for daily. What works best for you?

This room is always changing. There's always a new project, or a different purpose each day. Once you get your clean slate for this room, then you can start thinking about preventative work for clutter so these big hauls can be less frequent. With your living room back to the way you want it, kick back and enjoy it! In Part Five, we will delve into the final room of the series, which will leave you with a functional, decluttered home!