Avoiding Burnout and Finding Content in your Career

Avoiding burnout and being content in your career can be the most challenging part of your journey. It can feel like you have the weight of everything and everyone on your shoulders. This weight can be a huge struggle in trying to get ahead. But the good news is you’re looking for a solution which can be the hardest step to take! You have the insight and the drive to want to improve on your situation rather than just throwing your hands up.

In this article, we’re going to uncover solutions and strengths that will help you to become content and find peace within your current situation.

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On the road to burn out...

You’re stressed beyond belief, you’re not sure if you’re in the right field, and you just want to feel as if you’re making a difference in the things you spend your time on. And with your career right now, you’re just not sure if you could answer those questions.

The place where you’re at now is filled with questions of the something better out there. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves why we traveled down the path we chose because it’s easy to forget when we’re frazzled. Avoiding burnout is priority number one and as of right now, you’re teetering into that territory. But you will overcome this! Being content, being happy, takes time and sometimes we need to push aside the stress that we're feeling to see the good in our everyday lives.

I have been there, and I’ve spun around all types of thoughts on how I got to that point. You’re on a very dark path, but you have the strength to overcome this. Sometimes, we need to look at the whole picture and that’s what we’re going to dive into and work on today!

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Being content in your career isn’t settling, by any means. And if you’re at the point where you need to step back and get off the path to see, do it! Taking time for yourself to just sort things out is okay and will benefit you way more than you’re telling yourself otherwise.

Everyone needs a recharge after going 100% on 10% battery for so long, and you’re not excluded from that!

When you’re avoiding burnout, it’s important to pull yourself back from the situation to uncover what’s at the core of why you’re not feeling content in your career. Even if it’s just a day to clear the air, allow yourself that time to put your energy into fixing this and finding a solution.

Before we get started, let’s start doing some Nancy Drew style investigating into what’s really going on and the why behind the emotions that you’re feeling. I always find it easier for me to retain and reference from a journal or something handwritten. Opening a blank document on your device works well too!

Handwritten or typed, let’s dive into these questions about what’s going on and how we can fix it.


When you wake up in the morning, what drives you?

Alongside the “I need to get up…” thought, what drives you to do the things you do each and every day? Is it family, is it a quest for knowledge, or something else?

This question is a big question, but that’s okay! Take your time for looking deep within to ask why you’re doing the things that you’re doing.

Sometimes we forget about our why, or maybe we didn’t have a solid why that really resonated or stuck with us. When we build on a shaky foundation, we begin to rumble in other areas of our lives. The why behind your actions and journey, as a whole, fuels you during the hard times.

When you know your why and develop on it, you start to build up immunity to the little aggressors and stress that are leading you to burn out.

So, what happens when the why is unclear? Or maybe it doesn’t suit your lifestyle and future any longer? It’s frustrating, but it’s easy to recover from this. Let’s ask this next clarifying question to find out where to go from here:


If you could control the next 7 days, what would your days look like?

Before you start feverish writing a dream vacation in Bali, let’s step back and describe a regular day.

For this one, I drew out 7 boxes in my journal where I filled in line by line, hour by hour what my perfect 7 days looked like. You could do this, or list out Monday, Tuesday, etc. Whichever works best for you.

My Ideal Week

My Ideal Week

This question will help reevaluate your time spent. Sometimes over ambition can lead to overbooking ourselves. Monday’s can be completely jam-packed and over scheduled, leading to a burned-out Tuesday. This burned out Tuesday, leads to an over-packed (or equally as burned out) Wednesday.

Be kind to yourself when you’re planning your schedule!

If Monday’s are always up in the air with what’ll be thrown at you, don’t sabotage yourself with other tasks. We can only control our own actions, so preparing ourselves for uncertainty can be the best way to set ourselves up for success.


If your co-worker was going through the same situation, what would you say?

If they came to you with your exact emotions, feelings, and situations, what would you tell them? What if a friend came to you, how would you respond?

Sometimes it’s easier to give ourselves the advice we need when we think of others. In human nature, we’re more willing to give others our honest opinions and advice than we are to ourselves. Avoiding burnout can have a solution best looked at from another perspective.

When you give your advice to your co-worker in the same situation, what do you tell them? Do you stumble to find the right answers, or do you give them actionable items to go off of?


Now that we have some information to go by, let’s look at the root cause of almost all burnout: overwhelm. Your schedule could be overwhelming, your workload could be overwhelming, or you could be overwhelmed by just not having the right tools. Or sometimes our foundation All of these reasons can be

When you’re not content in your career and spiraling towards burnout, the catalyst to this is usually overwhelm. Either tasks, emotions, or both lead us down a path to true burnout.

Let’s take a look at actionable steps you can take to ease the overwhelm and get you back on track:

Schedule Recovery Time

The most immediate thing you can do you avoid burnout is give yourself planned recovery time in your schedule. Recovery time is just as important as planning your day wisely. This will allow you to step back and not take the stress from the task before into the next.

Stress has a funny way of snowballing if it's not dealt with immediately. Use your recovery time to do something that you want to do, something that you need. Take a coffee break, sit outside, and so on. These small things added through out your day will keep your stress levels in check and help ease that burnout feeling.


Ask for help & Find Support

Sometimes avoiding burnout comes in the form of leaning on someone else. Ask your boss, co-workers, even friends and family for things you need help in.

If you’re unsure as to where to even begin with what you need help in, go back to your answer in question 3. Your advice to your co-worker, what did you tell them to do? In those actionable steps, who could help you the most with those.

Having a support system is so important when avoiding burnout. Not only do you get to just release bottled emotions, you get to get the problems out of your head and into real life. When we say things aloud and to others, they have a way of becoming clearer because they become tangible.


Invest in yourself

Sometimes the burnout can come from staleness or not having the right tools for our daily tasks. Either reason calls for investment in yourself.

If you’re feeling stale with your environment, adding in something new can help break up the mundane. For example, if you’re in a corporate workplace and feeling under-utilized, look at skills that can pick up and learn to take on other projects.

Not having the right tools or skills can make work unbearable at times. Looking for courses, classes, or even seminars can help you acquire what you need to break the ignorance-cycle.


Now, look back at your answer to the first question: “What drives you?”

When we dive into this question, it’s important to know that sometimes burnout can be a wake-up call for a new chapter ready to be written. This isn’t always the case, but it is something to keep in mind. Without the stress, without the overwhelm, can you find happiness on the path that you're on now?

Diving into this question frequently can solidify your why behind your actions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and avoiding burnout, reflect on this question periodically to see if you’re still on the right path.

I know you begin to gain confidence instantly when you put these easy tools into action! If you’re looking for more growth and development in your personal and work life, check out the Personal Growth hub. This page contains everything you need to nurture and grow into the person I know you can be!

In the comments below, tell me about your situation and what solutions you've found. Let’s start the discussion to help other’s who are going through the same!

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Learn how to avoid burning out and what steps you can take to prevent future burn outs from happening. The best self care for treating burn out. #selfcare #productive #burnout #selflove
Learn how to avoid burning out and what steps you can take to prevent future burn outs from happening. The best self care for treating burn out. #selfcare #productive #burnout #selflove