How to Create a Signature Email Opt-in

In this article, you will learn how to create a signature email opt-in for your business. We’ll discuss how offering a signature lead magnet can increase revenue and build your email list easily with thousands of true fans!

You’re ready to launch your site and you have a few ideas floating around, but you’re not sure what opt-in to do.

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by creating 16 different opt-ins and need somewhere to start.

This is where a signature opt-in could be right for your business. A signature opt-in is the tip of your business’s iceberg: presenting what you offer to your client in a way that helps them instantly.

These can be Ultimate Guides to your core content, a Resource Library… Anything that displays your core value to your audience that is going to take them down their journey and lead them to make the choice to work with you.

What is an email opt-in? A lead magnet?

An opt-in is a free offer you give to your audience in exchange for their email address. A lead magnet is the same thing.

Opt-ins and lead magnets help your business by leading your audience into a sales funnel or just a marketing email list. This way, you can help your audience solve their problem by offering them more and build the relationship with them at a deeper level.

Whether you’re offering services or products, opt-ins can be a great way to give your audience a sneak peek at what you offer and how you deliver!

It’s like reading the back cover of the book (your website or social) and then reading the inside flap (your opt-in) before reading the book (buying your offer.)

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How a signature email opt-in can catapult your business’s visibility and revenue

Guiding your audience to the next piece of the puzzle (your opt-in) will help them to develop a better relationship with your business.  

When you take a high level view and think like someone in your audience, you begin to solve bigger picture problems that your audience is having.

And that, builds a trust that many businesses do not have with their audience.

A signature opt-in is designed to help your audience get to know your business at the core. It’s there to really showcase: “this is what I do, this is how I can help you.”

There are three main pillars that you’re aiming for when designing a signature opt-in for your business.

Brand Trust

When you focus on quality content for your business and continue to keep the big picture in mind, your audience gravitates towards that. They trust you, because you’ve proven yourself to only give them quality solutions.

In a signature opt-in, you’re gathering up the best of the best for your audience to help them with the core of your business does. When someone opt-ins, they are presented with a glimpse of what your business offers.

Shareability and Virality

Since a signature opt-in is made up of extremely valuable content to your core audience, you instinctively already build shareability into it.

When designing your signature opt-in, focus on a core problem that your audience is having. One that can be solved by your signature opt-in from start to finish. This will lead others to share it with others who have the same problem in their life.

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to share it as well. There are so many times where I see businesses leave this important factor out!

Building your Email List

Along with proving your business trustworthy and asking your audience to share, you’re lead down the rabbit hole to building your email list on autopilot.

When businesses make signing up and getting their opt-in easy for their audience and worth their while, you’re securing your business by building a strong core who already know your value as a business.

In this article, you will learn how to create a signature email opt-in for your business. We’ll discuss how offering a signature lead magnet can increase revenue and grow your email list easily with thousands of true fans! #emaillist #emailmarketing #optin #business #entrepreneur

What to include in a signature email opt-in

I’ve always heard of offering more than what’s expected and that’s exactly how I view a signature email opt-in. For your audience, they’re looking to you to help them solve something for them. Maybe something small, but sometimes they’re looking for the bigger picture, or a transformation along their journey.

This is where a signature email opt-in would be perfect. Something that is curated to solve this bigger picture that your audience has.

Let’s say that you help your audience navigate CSS coding for their website so they can make small changes themselves. One option for a signature email opt-in could include:

  • a cheat sheet of some of the most common CSS codes that they can play around with right now

  • helpful tips when looking into your CSS

  • common HEX codes for changing colors

Of course, you can offer all of these as separate opt-ins for your audience, but sometimes combining them together into a signature offer can really help take your audience to the next level.

Let’s take a look at what are the must haves for what to include to make your opt-in the most successful.

Corresponding email sequence

Having a corresponding email sequence is the like having a beautifully choregraphed waltz (your sequence) to go with your concerto (your opt-in.)

If you’re struggling to write a sequence, it’s okay. They get a notoriously bad rap for not being the easiest, but they just need a fresh set of eyes to look at how they work.

An email sequence is there to move your audience along towards either a welcome sequence of getting to know you and getting to know what your business offers.

That’s it. We can talk about segmentation and a funnel within a funnel, but at the end of the day, that is all that a sequence is: building a deeper connection with your audience by way of personally talking to them on how you can help.

So, for the example above with the website dev and their CSS signature opt-in, they could help their clients around using the opt-in by dripping out worksheets each time or they could do small lessons to help them each day.

Using their sequence to either boost their audience’s confidence in their small victories are just as important as leading them down the path to the big picture victory.

Linked to corresponding content

Next, once your sequence is written up, it’s time to connect it to corresponding content that your audience looks at and says: “ah, there’s the next piece of the puzzle!”

I can’t tell you how many times this gets passed by! Especially with a signature opt-in, your content should focus on a problem that your audience is looking to solve or a general theme where everything spiderwebs off.

The next steps for your audience

Crafting a beautiful signature opt-in and having an amazing email campaign are just the plate and the fork to your four-course meal. Let’s talk about the real show: the next steps for your ideal clients.

These are your products/services that help your audience with their big picture. It’s what your branding message is all about and it’s what your audience hopes they can one day achieve for themselves.

Sounds pretty mystical, right?

When you’re developing your signature opt-in and your companion email campaign, think of it as inviting someone in your home. You wouldn’t bombard them with the unwashed dishes, right? No, you would make them comfortable, invite them to talk about themselves, you know, be a fantastic host!

Your audience will see these attributes, hear your messaging, and when you start to talk about your offers, they’re going to pick up on the natural flow of the conversation. They’re going to begin to connect with that message and say: “this person gets me, this person understands, and I trust them.”

How your signature email opt-in can stand out in a saturated market

So, how do we get our audience to say that? How on EARTH can we get people like that to see our signature opt-in, enter our email sequence, and say YES to what we’re offering?

Every market is saturated with a whole lot of static these days, right? Getting your message out to the people who need it can seem like you’re fighting uphill, but there are three simple things you can do to get a better megaphone so they can start hearing you.

Quality content

Use your brand message to produce quality, evergreen content that’s going to help your audience and look at their big picture. Zoom out and see start, middle, and end game for them and give them content that’s tailored for them.

When it comes to your signature opt-in, bringing your big league quality to your audience is a MUST! You can focus on a certain niche of your business or you can compile a Best Of type of opt-in, the choice is your’s!

But remember: quality, quality, quality. Your audience has to see the value in their lives to stop their scroll and enter their email, make it worth their while!

Crystal clear messaging

Here’s the hard truth: if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. And this is just as true for your signature opt-in!

Designing a signature opt-in has to make sense to your targeted audience and it has to be crystal clear in what it can do for them.

If your signature opt-in is a productivity planner for business consultants, then make sure you’re clear that’s who it is for. How can it help them in their consulting business? What would their life look like when they use your planner? Empathize with their life as it is now, and why you developed this signature opt-in for them.

In this example, you wouldn’t go on about how a mom can organize her house easier, right? Deliver your message to the right people and call them out!

Stunning design

People are visual by design. They like to see things and connect with strong visuals. This is why platforms like Pinterest and Instagram exist is because people take in “the gist” of something much faster when they are presented with images.

The same goes for your signature opt-in. Using your corresponding brand that you use all along your business, it’s essential to make sure that your opt-in not only has quality content but is soothing on the eyes when someone is using it.

This is crucial to your business and one of the main reasons why I offer templates done for you for every email opt-in under the sun.

Not only are they designed to make a client say yes to your business’s offer, but they’re completely customizable for every aspect of your business.

Pick out which one suits your audience best here, or snag our Free & Easy Template in the form below to try it out!

 When to offer a signature email opt-in

One of your best practices for a signature opt-in is to make it a feature on your website. Right up in the navigation bar alongside your About and Contact lines.

Making it front and center for your business let’s your audience know that this is great place to start to get to know each other.

Plugging a sign up in your corresponding content is a huge plus for your audience too!

Did you write a blog post on which fertilizer is best for house plants and you have a huge signature opt-in dedicated to house plants that would make your audience go wild? Put it in that!

This is one of the easiest ways to have an email opt-in on all pieces of your content. Something that is going to help your audience with your big subject, as well as to present them with the crème de la crème so you can guide them to their next steps with your business.

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