How to Exude and Gain Confidence

This article is a long time coming! When you’re feeling down or letting someone else’s judgement get to you, it’s important to know how to gain confidence and keep it up. Some people are naturals at always being confident in themselves, however for many, we need to tune up how we feel about ourselves and how confident we are in our abilities. In this article, we’re going to give you some great tools to gain confidence, at work and at home!

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Are you getting some wild looks when you answer that ever-so hot question of: “What do you do?” Or are you in a weird career that you love but no one else understands? I have been there, and it is tough to keep your head up when judgement seems to be all around. Even from the people you love! Sometimes that wild dream life or off the beaten path career can be quite a burden if you’re feeling overwhelmed by how isolating it can be. Even then, your confidence can take a huge hit if you’re not your own cheerleader.

The secret for letting that lifestyle judgement roll off your back is within everyone. Yes, even you! Sometimes the judgement can come when we’re stressed over your work load or the work you’re putting into your dream life. We let that stress almost seep out and it becomes a sore spot where even just the mention can make us winch. Most of the time, friends and family are unaware of how sore that spot actually is.

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Before we get our boosted to gain confidence, let’s take a moment to delve into some repair work so these tools can stick. Repair work is always necessary when adding something to your routine, it helps to clear a spot and have yourself ready for the new activity or mindset.

Take a moment to introduce a question into your quiet time. Your you-time. If you’re still searching for your own customized, morning routine, take a look at How to Own Your Morning Routine that Actually Works for You. This is a great article that actually customizes your morning routine to fit into your schedule. No more hammering the square into the circle hole, this one is just for you!

During your reflection, ask yourself these questions. If you’re an avid journaler like me, include this in your journal too! As for right now, grab a piece of paper or open up a blank document on your device!


What type of person would you be? On your to-do list, what would you mark off? When you look at where you'll be or who you want to be, you'll start to embody that role. Write it, think out this question as if you were writing a memoir.

Getting into character is a fantastic way to gain confidence. It’s almost as if you’re patting someone else on the back. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in being a critic to ourselves, that we forget to reward ourselves for doing something good.


What brings you down or stresses you out? Are you craving training or looking for a better opportunities/projects?

When you’re looking at why you feel stuck or discouraged, it’s important to focus on the changeable: the pain points that are within your control. It’s easy to say “I don’t get along with my boss” but in order to grow and move past this, it’s wiser to say “I don’t know how to work with my team.”

That statement is an action statement that is within your power to change and grow from. Instead of putting the change on other’s, all we can control is how we process our own emotions and actions.

For these questions, get as detailed as you’d like! Again, it’s much easier to write out these questions because we get outside of our heads. When you say things aloud, or write them down, you get to hear them and process them better then you would if you just remained as a thought-activity. Studies show that we’re much more receptive to believing things that we hear and read, rather than things we just keep thinking!

Once you’ve got yourself prepped and cleared the air of these questions, let’s talk about what you can do to gain confidence and give it boost!


Isn’t it weird that knowing ourselves starts with knowing what we’re not awesome in? When we cover up our flaws or try to work on our weaknesses more than our strengths, we set ourselves up for more disappointment than success.

When we obsess over our weaknesses, we begin to see ourselves as never growing, even stuck! Failure is essential for success but if you’re struggling on how to process that stumble into growth, it becomes an obstacle in your path.

Knowing your weaknesses are key to gain confidence. If you’re someone who has a hard-time managing your time, it can seem like you’re fighting an uphill battle if you’re always constantly trying to make Plan-A work! Instead of trying to fight this character trait, learn to work with it and learn from it.

In this example, say you’ve tried planners, but you just can’t get into the habit of pre-planning everything. Maybe work/life is always changing day to day on short notice and that’s okay! Planners aren’t for everyone, maybe getting into calendar planning is easier or even just making a cohesive to-do list for each day. Again, don’t fight and try to make the square fit into the circle, working with what you have is the best way to give yourself a break from your inner critic!

When you can plan around and use your weaknesses, your confidence level will climb. You won’t constantly get knocked down by going against your natural grain. You’ll learn how to process those character traits into something that works for you, not someone else.


This is my all-time favorite tip, and it helps meld my personal-work time together without it feeling burdensome. I can’t stand feeling unproductive throughout the day, but I also hate having a massive to-do list following me around. (Who’s with me on this?) It’s hard to keep those two competitive feelings in check, so how can we compromise?

Marking off three things on your list is manageable. Having three tasks that you’re going to cross off is a huge productivity boost and confidence boost. Even if you are constantly changing day after day, you can still manage to pick three things that you're going to put the majority of your focus into completing.

What works for me is picking 3 different tasks that relate to a bigger goal of mine. For example, I pick one personal, one work related, and one hobby-related. With this tactic, I don't feel as if I'm putting all my eggs into one basket each day. What's great about this method is that you can shift it around if one aspect of your life gets a little unruly!

When you pick three tasks to complete for the day, you begin to gain confidence by seeing daily growth. There are tons of successful entrepreneurs and CEO's who quote this method as their go-to for getting everything done.


To gain confidence doesn't mean to be good at everything, it means knowing how to play the hand you were dealt to the best of your ability.

That old adage of work smarter, not harder is still alive and well today! When you begin to change your mindset into looking at the other side of the problem, your solutions become more readily available. Not only that, but you also don't have to hope that someone else has to change to fix the problem you're encountering. You don't have to hope that someone doesn't touch a sore spot when the solution lies within you to change how you process what they're saying.

With these simple mindset tools, you will notice your confidence begin to grow and build itself up!

I know you begin to gain confidence instantly when you put these easy tools into action! If you’re looking for more growth and development in your personal and work life, check out the Personal Growth hub. This page contains everything you need to nurture and grow into the person I know you can be!

In the comments below, tell me about what obstacle you overcame that you’re most proud of. Let’s start the discussion to help other’s who are going through the same!

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