How to Transform Your Self Care Routine

In this article, we’ll discuss the easiest ways to help improve your self care routine. These self care tips will help you to completely transform your routine. With these practical self care ideas, you can start taking better care of yourself and start working towards better self love.

Let me guess:

You made it through another week and you’re completely drained.

We’re talking zero, zilch energy.

You look at your schedule and you still have pages of things you want to get done…

It’s in that moment that your self care routine is not working for you.

We hear so many times that we need a self care routine, that we need to take care of ourselves. We get ideas, we start adding them to our routine…

And we feel no better than we did before.

So what gives? Why does it feel like self care is something so needed yet so unattainable to us?

Improving a self care routine can seem daunting because you’ve followed all of the steps, checked all of the boxes, and you’re still feeling burned out.

Most of the time, we miss the mark with our self care because:

  • we’re trying to fit someone else’s feel-good idea and make it our own,

  • scheduling time-intensive ideas into our jam-packed schedule, and/or

  • building a routine that isn’t sustainable to our needs and lifestyle.

Today, we’re going to look at these reasons why your self care routine is feeling more like an impossible feat and how we can narrow down what’s causing you to fall into these pitfalls.

Scheduling Self Care into Busy Days

One of the major reasons why a self care routine doesn’t stick is that the activity that makes you feel good is too time-intensive for your normal routine.

We can talk about prioritization all day, but sometimes sitting down to finish an entire book in one sitting is not realistic to our after-work schedule.

(Unless you’re a speed-reader, of course)

So many time we set ourselves up with these big, clear the slate type of self care activities and we fall flat because they’re just not realistic to what we do in our every day lives.

When we have one of our busier days, our two-hour self care activity doesn’t have a chance to help us the way that it needs to.

Consistency in Your Routine

Riding on the tail of our scheduling, consistency is another huge factor in why our self care routines seem to work against us or not at all.

When you try to plug and play someone else’s self care into your lifestyle, most of the time it’s going to feel against the grain. Either it won’t make you feel good or it won’t work within your schedule for a consistent routine.

Self care is the boat that takes us down the river on our journey. If we’re constantly palling out water on some days, but others are dry, we’re far more likely to remember the days that we think we’re not going to make it…

With consistency comes true personalization, and this requires really getting to know yourself. What you need out of your self care.

Self Care Routine Overwhelm

With any changing of your routine, the first few days, weeks, can seem impossible and tiresome at times.

You could have checked all of the boxes on your self care needs and schedules, and you will still feel like you are dragging when you first start this new routine. This feeling is completely normal.

The overwhelm that pops up in self care is the overwhelm that we feel when we just try to do it all.

We’re being realistic with our schedules, we’re being consistent, but by golly, we’re exhausting ourselves by trying to do anything and everything to make us feel good.

We hustle the way that we would hustle towards a goal or a deadline, and self care is just not like that. Any way that you look at it, finding what is going to heal you takes time, consistency, and really hammering down what is going to work for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the easiest ways to help improve your self care routine. These self care tips will help you to completely transform your routine. With these practical self care ideas, you can start taking better care of yourself and start working towards better self love. #selfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcareideas #selflove #selfcaretips

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Improving Your Self Care Routine

Each of the three obstacles faced above have arisen in my own journey, sometimes more than once, but they are fixable.

You don’t have to sit and just accept the way that you are feeling.  

Whether you’re facing a scheduling dilemma or a hurdle in consistency, improving your self care routine can be done easily if you know what you’re looking for.

To keep it simple, let’s talk about the three things you can do right now to improve your self care routine!

Be Energy-Specific

Planning by your energy can be a bit tricky at first, but if you keep it simple, it’s easy to learn.

In the morning, just pick one thing that you want to accomplish for the day. Just one thing that makes you feel good.

One that doesn’t have time or energy constraints.

Ask yourself: “Am I able to do this when I’m exhausted, when I’m stressed from x,y,z…”

When you stay grounded and accepting of anything that’s tossed into your schedule, your self care begins to come more easily because of this.

Focusing on just one thing that you could do to take care of yourself while you’re improving your self care routine, opens you up to adding more and more as you become more comfortable.

List Small, Self Care Practices

Starting with bite-sized activities plays on you grounding yourself and accepting of your schedule limitations. The smaller you can get, the easier it will be to implement into your schedule quickly and effectively.

We’re talking small-small.

If you absolutely love a good cup of gourmet coffee to start your day off, but you’re finding it hard to stop by the coffee shop in-between rush hour, why not find one you can brew at home?

Instead of rushing around trying to fit a square peg into a circle, find how you can oversimplify your feel-good activity.

Making a list of small, auto-pilot self care ideas will give you the momentum you need to try larger (or more!) ideas into your daily routine.

Discovering Your True Needs

Discovering your true needs is one of the best things that you can do to improve your self care. Like with any routine, your self care routine is always evolving each and every day. Sometimes it’s acute and only changes for a few days or week, and sometimes it grows alongside of you as your lifestyle starts a new journey.

Knowing and being aware of this constant shift in your energy and lifestyle is the key to finding the self care activities that are going to stick.

Evolving and updating them is just as important as updating your calendar when an event changes or you RSVP.

In this article, we’ll discuss the easiest ways to help improve your self care routine. These self care tips will help you to completely transform your routine. With these practical self care ideas, you can start taking better care of yourself and start working towards better self love. #selfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcareideas #selflove #selfcaretips

The Secret of Sticking to a Self Care Routine

Self care is all about you. No if’s, and’s, or but’s, it’s all about you and what works for you. In the list above, you do not have to follow all of them to be successful.

You can pick one, own it, and feel 100x’s better than before you started.

When you’re adding new self care ideas to your routine, ask yourself the most important question of: “how will this make me feel better?” Allow yourself to answer this honestly when you’re adding something to your routine.

If you add in something that you’re only lukewarm to, that feeling of overwhelm that you’re already feeling with feel 10x’s worse than before you started.

When your goal is to stick to a self care routine, look for self care ideas that fit your personality, lifestyle, and schedule. Some ideas take a lot of time and effort, which may not be the best for you right now. And that’s okay!

Self care doesn’t have to be a full day detox, it can be sitting by yourself in silence for 10 minutes. Listen to what your body and mind are leading you too. Sometimes the day’s self care could be going to bed an hour early because you’re tired.

Scheduling and planning are great and help a lot of successful people stick to their goals. But what you don’t need in your self care routine is rigidity and “rule-abiding.” Think of self care as the antidote for the things in your life that are like that.


If you’re new to self care or unsure of how to begin, there’s a whole article dedicated to starting a self care practice that gives you the fundamentals to begin an uplifting, nurturing routine.

There’s a whole article dedicated to starting a self-care routine that will give you the best tips on how to begin and where to start!

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