How to Keep Your House Decluttered


You did it! You have everything in your house under control! The clutter has been defeated! What a feeling to be free from the constraints of clutter and your living space is looking like a fresh penny. But, are you getting that feeling? You know, that feeling, of “I’ve decluttered, but now what?” Or worse:

“What if the clutter comes back?”

Fear not, decluttering royalty! Your what-if/future clutter doesn’t stand a chance with what we’re talking about today. The biggest questions I always get are:

“How do I keep my house decluttered?”

“How do I keep the clutter from coming back?”

If you’re in the same boat, you’re with good company and today, we’ll go over what to do after you’ve decluttered.


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The Constant Clutter and Decluttered Battle

Whether you’re a decluttering pro or a beginner, clutter will continually creep in if your mindset does not change. Everyone battles the constant consume-mindset where we just end up accumulating things rather than upgrading/recycling.

Think of it this way! You wouldn’t buy three television sets in one shopping round, so why are you collecting kitchen utensils like this?

I am all for free-passes when it comes to decluttering. I am sentimental about decluttering sentimental items and I admit, some get a free pass. Some. But think of these free passes with intention. Are you really going to use those three televisions or are two just going to sit there because what if? Will you wear all four of those leggings or are you just bulk-buying for that what-if?

Don’t let the what-if win! You will always be able to get something in case something goes awry. You will never be stuck without an item for long!

Now that we got that off our chests, let’s talk about what we can do now that everything is decluttered and how we can keep everything decluttered!

Finding your Intention

Every item in your home has a purpose, especially after you declutter. Not only does everything have a place, but everything has a purpose. If you’ve followed the A Completely Organized Living Space Series, you’re already ahead of the decluttering game. Don’t worry, this series can be done at any time and at any pace, if you’re looking for a thorough decluttering method.

With all of the articles here, you’ll hear me talk about intention a lot. What does that mean to you? Finding your intention can be a scary phrase, but it’s so simple it seems complicated. Let me rephrase:

“When you’re decluttering your house, why are you doing it?”

Are you decluttering because you’re running out of space? Do you have too much of one thing? Or maybe you’re just looking to uncomplicate your daily life? Whatever your answer is, that’s your intention and it’s important if you’re looking to stay decluttered.

Setting Boundaries and Expectations

After decluttering and knowing your intention, it’s important to have a game plan for how you’ll acquire things and what’s “allowed” in your living space.

For me, I plan 2 massive declutter-days a year, which sounds painful, but it’s easy, I swear! Usually these declutter-days only take a few hours to go through the whole house because I’ve planned out what I allow into my living space.

Make yourself a list of what is okay to take up residence in your home. Clothes, books, movies, so on and so forth. Being mindful of what you’re okay with acquiring more of makes:

  • Shopping simplified

  • Future decluttering easier

  • Temptations: diminished!

When you know what’s coming through the doors, it’s easy to stop yourself before you’re looking at too much of one thing. The same is true for knee-jerk purchases, since you’ve taken away the “I need this NOW” mindset with this list.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have some items that are there for nostalgia or sentimental reasons. Again, free pass for some stuff, but be mindful of how many passes you’re giving things.

Goals for your Home

This can be easily overlooked when you’re elbow-deep in clutter, but again this goes back to your intention. Why are you decluttering your home? What brought you to the clutter in the first place? Was it too many what-ifs or was it impulse?

With the answers to these questions, you can begin to set out goals for your home that fit your lifestyle. When you’re looking at goals, think of the long-term and the short-term. Is your decluttering apart of a bigger lifestyle shift of simplifying or are you down-sizing for a smaller living space?

When you acknowledge your goal, it’s easier to stay on track with what comes into your living space. Impulses happen to even the most goal-driven declutterers, but dusting yourself off and sitting back down with what you envision for your home is important.

Tracking Your Struggles

When you’re starting a new lifestyle, tracking your struggles are a huge step in bettering yourself and preparing for those short-comings if they arise again. When you find yourself struggling, write down why you’re struggling and be honest with yourself.

If you’re struggling with buying another pair of pants, is it because you’re looking for something new or you just want it out of impulse? Identifying impulse versus want/need is important after you’ve decluttered because you can begin to track your habits.

Keep a journal or a note in your phone, where you track these. Even if you’re on the go, jot down the situation in your phone so you can revisit it later. Giving yourself time to let your decisions cook is crucial. When you step back from that impulsive situation, you can look at the big picture and make a mindful decision rather than working off of impulse!

If you’re looking for more decluttering help, you can find answers to the most asked questions in the decluttering section. Or if you’re intrigued by minimalism or looking for guidance down a minimalist path, I’m passionate about helping you simplify in the easiest ways possible to make your journey positive and fulfilling!