Practicing Self Love: How to Stop Negative Thoughts

In this article, you’ll learn 10 ways to stop negative self talk and build your self esteem. These self love tips will help you to take better care of yourself and help you to find your self worth. Learn how to quiet your inner critic and start healing your mindset!

Negative self talk comes from our inner critic that’s out of control.

Maybe you’ve been feeding this harsh criticism by not rebutting their claims.

Or maybe someone else’s opinions have impacted how you feel.

Negative self talk is one of the many tributaries off of having low self esteem. Our own criticisms of ourselves lead us down the path towards not feeling worthy or good enough to do what we want to.

Building your self-esteem and healing your inner critic takes time, and the hardest part is believing that you are enough, that there is no scale to measure yourself versus anyone else.

There are so many ways to heal and learn from what we’re saying to ourselves inside our minds.  The most challenging part can be from finding which one feels right to you as well as focusing on consistency.

Just like with all other habits and routines, soothing your inner critic takes time and, most of all, consistency.

In order to undo however many years you’ve had an out of control inner critic, you’ll need to focus on consistency to get the results you deserve.

No one deserves to go through life thinking of themselves as lowly or worse, but there are people out there everyday who do.

With these 10 ways to stop your negative self talk, you’ll be one of the people who break free from this cycle. Along with consistency and focus, that inner critic will begin to heal with the right acknowledgement and these few tips.

In this article, you’ll learn 10 ways to practice self love & stop negative self talk to build your self esteem. These self love tips will help you to take better care of yourself and help you to find your self worth. Inspire yourself with these self love ideas for your best self! #selflove #selfesteem #selfcare #positivemindset


One of the first steps in healing your inner critic is to begin looking inward on what is causing your thoughts to turn negative.

Meditation is a huge help for this. Not only does it quiet the mind by becoming still, but it allows you to dig deep into what’s plaguing your thoughts.

Is it a situation that your mind put on repeat? Something someone said that keeps repeating in different ways?

Or maybe it is something that is deeper and has been left unacknowledged/unresolved for a long time.

Consistent meditation and inner exploration can help you begin to unravel and bring to light these bumps in your journey.

Most of the time, just bringing these situations to light is one of the most impactful steps you can do for yourself!

If you take the time to analyze these thoughts, you’ll begin to heal that voice that keeps reminding you of these obstacles.


Visualization is one method that has helped me tremendously! It is one of those tactics that has gone above and beyond what I kind of thought it was and blew me away at the results I got from it.

Not only has there been so many more resources open up on to hone this skill, but it also transcends into other areas of your life: both healing the negative and uplifting the positive!

Visualization is the act of taking your thoughts and putting them into images.

So, recalling a memory and slowing down your thoughts to inspect every single sensory options there is. That’s powerful visualization and one of the major ways to heal from something that became stuck on your self-talk station.

Practicing this every day was something that transcended beyond just that one problem or one memory that I was stuck on. This allowed me to look at other areas, recall on things that brought me strength, things that uplifted me and transfer those feelings into when I needed them again.


When you’re healing, the simple act of grounding is something that can completely transform your way of thinking as you become consistent in this method.

Grounding is when you stop the cycle of thoughts. Those negative thoughts that come spinning out, one after another. This act calls upon that same slowing down your thinking that your visualization called upon and helps you to acknowledge these thoughts, and move on.

Coming from a place of constant negativity, it can be challenging to distinguish between acknowledgement and believing.

When you acknowledge a thought, you’re bringing it to light to put a halt on the tantrum it’s throwing in the background. That loop that it likes to set itself on.

Grounding allows you to not only shed light on the problem, but it helps you to evaluate the thought. Is it relevant? What emotion is it trying to evoke? Is it going to help me to feel better about myself?

Pivoting yourself back into reality but questioning those thoughts will help you to further dive into the art of slowing down your thoughts which will help to soothe that negativity.

In this article, you’ll learn 10 ways to practice self love & stop negative self talk to build your self esteem. These self love tips will help you to take better care of yourself and help you to find your self worth. Inspire yourself with these self love ideas for your best self! #selflove #selfesteem #selfcare #positivemindset

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Writing it Out

Not only is slowing down in mid-thought helpful, but to take it to the next level is to write it out so you can further explore what you’re thinking.

Writing out your thoughts allows you to bring this negative self talk and bring it into the “real world” where you can better analyze what’s going on and how curb the negative cycle.

A good free-write, which is just letting your thoughts pour out, is one of the best ways to start. It’s the easiest and can help you to get out of the spin and onto an even-playing field.

Effective Planning

When you begin to find the root of where your negative self talk is stemming from, there’s nothing to help better set you up for success than effective planning.

If you’re a known self-saboteur, planning out your goals can help you to better see what milestones and where you need to be in order to keep your momentum going.

Mapping your path towards a specific goal cuts out any doubt you may have towards your abilities. When you know where you going and how to get there, you’re much better prepared and takes the fuel out of your inner critic.

Evaluate Your Triggers

Diving deep into what triggers your negative self talk is huge and can help anyone gain insight on how to curb this habit.

When you slow down your thoughts and look at it from all angles, you begin to see where the true bump in the road lies.

Positive Inner Dialog

Affirmations and training yourself to say nice things about yourself isn’t as odd as it seems at first.

This strangeness comes from just the fact that it’s probably been years (if ever in some cases!) that we give ourselves a genuine compliment.

As you practice with just something that isn’t negative, you’ll begin to see small inches towards a less and less harsh critic inside. When you train yourself on the right way to talk to yourself, you’ll begin to start hearing less and less negativity as a default response.

Remove Yourself from Toxic Situations

Sometimes we don’t realize how our situations are affecting our own thoughts until we take a step back. Maybe this is from boundaries gone awry or maybe there’s things that are on your social media that just aren’t serving you in a big picture sort of way at the moment.

Take a step back and take some time to yourself to collect where the toxicity is coming from. Is it from a social outlet, a person, or maybe even a hobby? When you start analyzing what’s serving you and what isn’t, you can start to see where you can pull back and unplug.

Make Time with your Support

Your support group, your shoulder that you know can help you through this. Spending time with a person or group that supports you unconditionally in your ventures is a must for proving that inner critic wrong and building up positivity in your daily verbiage.

Sometimes we need just a quick text, other times we need a whole coffee break, whatever time you need is up to you. Take a moment to schedule in a positive conversation.

It doesn’t have to be about your situation, it can be anything that boosts your positivity to help you along in your journey.

Revitalize Yourself

Self care is all about you. No if’s, and’s, or but’s, it’s all about you and what works for you. When your normal routine has negative self talk blaring in the background, a self care routine will help to soothe that day in and day out.

When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re promoting this new kind of positivity that will help to soothe that inner critic.

You can pick one self care idea, own it, and feel 100x’s better than before you started.

When you’re adding new self care ideas to your routine, ask yourself the most important question of: “how will this make me feel better?” Allow yourself to answer this honestly when you’re adding something to your routine.

If you add in something that you’re only lukewarm to, that feeling of overwhelm that you’re already feeling with feel 10x’s worse than before you started.

When your goal is to stick to a self care routine, look for self care ideas that fit your personality, lifestyle, and schedule. Some ideas take a lot of time and effort, which may not be the best for you right now. And that’s okay!

Self care doesn’t have to be a full day detox, it can be sitting by yourself in silence for 10 minutes. Listen to what your body and mind are leading you too. Sometimes the day’s self care could be going to bed an hour early because you’re tired.

Scheduling and planning are great and help a lot of successful people stick to their goals. But what you don’t need in your self care routine is rigidity and “rule-abiding.” Think of self care as the antidote for the things in your life that are like that.

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