Pinterest Tips for Building Your Email List

In this article, you’ll learn how to utilize Pinterest to grow your email list and completely explode your email list! We’ll cover which email opt-in does best on Pinterest and what best practices you can do now to build your email list!

Let’s talk about the most underutilized platform out there that is a magnet for traffic to your website, social, wherever you share your message.

Pinterest is like instant, visual Google for businesses.

Getting your business’s website noticed by Google via SEO can take 6+ months, and although you can work on both SEO and Pinterest Marketing, marketing on Pinterest is a great way to build your audience while Google takes it’s time. Best of both worlds, right?

So how can you harness the traffic power of Pinterest to get as many eyes and emails on your email opt-in? Let’s jump in and find out how you can utilize Pinterest for your business!

What is an email opt-in?

Before we get started, let’s clear up what exactly an email opt-in is.

An opt-in is a free offer you give to your audience in exchange for their email address. A lead magnet is the same thing.

Opt-ins and lead magnets help your business by leading your audience into a sales funnel and/or a marketing email list. This way, you can help your audience solve their problem by offering them more and build the relationship with them at a deeper level.

Whether you’re offering services or products, opt-ins can be a great way to give your audience a sneak peek at what you offer and how you deliver!

It’s like reading the back cover of the book (your website or social) and then reading the inside flap (your opt-in) before reading the book (buying your offer.)

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How can I market my email opt-in on Pinterest?

When it comes to marketing your email opt-in, the sky’s the limit.

A good rule of thumb is to explore the ins and outs of your audience again whenever you’re looking to revamp any marketing plans for your business.

Ask yourself: What type of content have they responded to in the past? What solution did I offer them that they responded to positively?

For marketing on Pinterest, all you need is an eye-catching image, a powerful SEO description, and a link that goes to your opt-in to get started.

When it comes to how you can showcase your opt-in, your options falls into a few categories depending on how your audience responds to your content.

Written post with a corresponding opt-in

If your audience enjoys your written content, either from a blog post or a social media post, then connecting your opt-in link to one of these would be the best choice to provide that next step to your audience!

Connecting your business’s lead magnet to a blog post is one of the best ways to double-up your value to your audience. Not only do you take the time to write about a topic they’re interested in, but you provide the next steps, a connected solution, or even just an add on for them to use.

YouTube video with opt-in in the description

If you’re more of a visual content creator, having a link to an opt-in sign up offers your audience a new level of connection than just another playlist.

These opt-ins can be anything under the sun and can even be more visual content that your audience enjoys. Thinking outside the box and zooming out at the big picture of your business is a huge help when navigating how to convert your video’s views into email subscribers.

(And yes, you can link your YouTube Videos to pins to get double the impact!)

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Landing Page for your Signature Email Opt-In

Is your opt-in a no-brainer for anyone looking at the page? A signature opt-in for your business deserves it’s own page where your audience can sign up and learn how it’ll help them.

These types of email opt-ins have their own landing pages with your business’s branding and copy written on a single page highlighting what your signature opt-in is all about. Think of this as a major focus opt-in for what your business does.

If you’re curious on how to make this type of opt-in, there’s a whole post about it here!

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In this article, you’ll learn how to utilize Pinterest to grow your email list and completely explode your email list! We’ll cover which email opt-in does best on Pinterest and what best practices you can do now to build your email list! #emaillist #emailmarketing #business #optinideas #pinterestmarketing #entrepreneur

Can Pinterest build my email list?

Whichever opt-in and deliverance you choose for your business, Pinterest will help you to get more eyes on your content and more emails on your list.

This is one of the few platforms that drive traffic in drones and that is mighty powerful when looking for your ideal clients.

But how does it do this? Do you have to constantly be active and never rest? No, let’s dive into the three big reasons why Pinterest is such a powerhouse for driving traffic.

Evergreen Content

Much like Google, once you’re on Pinterest you’re on there as long as Pinterest is around. Every pin you’ve ever posted is a web connecting back to your content, which is absolutely amazing!

Think about it: the lifespan of an Instagram post on your feed is 2-5 days, maybe? Facebook, the same. Twitter? Forget about it. That’s what makes Pinterest stand out and is such a great tool for casting out several lines on autopilot.

Multiple Pins means Multiple Sources of Traffic

Just as your content you pin on Pinterest is evergreen, the pins that are associated with them bring in their own traffic as well.

There are so many times I see a pin from YEARS ago pop up on my activity feed because someone found it, pinned it and it brings in traffic again. That dusty old pin along with the hundreds of others on the same topic work together to bring in multiple streams of traffic.

The one thing that always blows my mind with Pinterest is this passive marketing feature. I can pin five different images for the same content and reap the benefits five different times with the traffic that it pulls in.

Pinterest’s Broad Audience

Have you looked at all of the topics covered on Pinterest lately? There are so many different niches on there that people search over and over again.

There’s a reason for the term “falling down the pin hole.” They’ve built a platform that keeps an audience engaged by having them learn and explore more. And if they’re learning and exploring with your content, even better!

For example, let’s say that you’re a productivity coach. You publish an Instagram post on how you can find 2 extra hours in your day, no matter how busy you are. With that Instagram post, you also publish a lengthier blog post that includes your opt-in for a step-by-step planner.

You have 2 content streams that your audience can interact with on Pinterest when they search productivity tips. And how popular is productivity ideas on Pinterest? Last I checked it was 2-3 million searches a month!

How to Optimize your Email Opt-In for Pinterest

Once you’re ready to start using Pinterest for your opt-in, it’s time to start working on some key points to make your opt-in a success! Below are the top three things you need to do before you get started on Pinterest:

Set up an email campaign for your opt-in

Coming from experience, this has happened before. When you have an amazing opt-in it can be easy to forget your corresponding email campaign that goes along with it!

Before you start pinning, be sure to set up an email sequence that helps build a deeper connection with your audience. This can be introducing your key content, explaining your products/services, anything that is going to help them see the value in your business and how it’s going to help them.

Create corresponding content with a clear message

Whether you’re creating a post, video, or landing page, making your content match your opt-in is a MUST!

Zoom out on the big picture and see what your audience would gravitate towards as if they were moving down a straight line.

“If they read X, then they’ll be at Y, and need Z.”

If you plug in your content, opt-in, and offer/product, and it makes sense, then that is clear messaging with corresponding content to a T.

If you feel funny reading along that statement, it’s time to go back and make sure that your message is clear. Map out what you’re helping your audience with, what’s end-game goal for them, and so on.

Even if you’ve been in business for a long time, using this can be beneficial to help you recalibrate your content every once in awhile!

Create several visually striking pins

Pinterest is a visual platform as well as a SEO/content platform, so having your pins look STRIKING and eye catching is a must!

So many times I see businesses just creating ONE pin for their content and wonder why they didn’t see results. Don’t be that type of business!

There is no limit on how many pins you can create for one piece of content or opt-in! Go wild with each one, try out different styles, looks, and so on!

Pro Tip: How to get the most out of Pinterest for your creative business

Let’s talk about how to take your Pinterest to the next level for your business!

Navigating Pinterest can be a bit tricky at first, but once you dissect what the platform is and isn’t, it becomes easier over time to garner traffic to your business.

How you set up your Pinterest account is crucial to how your opt-ins get discovered on the platform. This isn’t just creating a Business Account and all that, this is about being active and engaging with other content on the platform.

Remember, Pinterest is just a fast, visual Google, so it bases what your content is by not only what you’ve written but what board you’ve also pinned it to.

For example, if your opt-in helps wedding planners organize their schedule to get in the max productivity, you wouldn’t lump that in with a bunch of food/recipe content, right?

If you’re looking on how to further your marketing with Pinterest, there is really only one course I’d recommend and it’s one that I wish I bought way sooner.

After using Pinterest for multiple businesses for more than five years, the one course that catapults you past the basics and into real results is Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies.

After using her strategies, my traffic from Pinterest tripled and still produces results. She updates it regularly whenever there is a Pinterest update or some type of change, so it is up to date all of the time.

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