Valuable Skills from Everyday Hobbies

Wondering if your hobby has value? Or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby that is going to enrich your life? In this article, you’ll find the best hobbies that are profitable and valuable to your mental and physical health. #selfcare #personalgrowth #wellness #hobbies
Wondering if your hobby has value? Or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby that is going to enrich your life? In this article, you’ll find the best hobbies that are profitable and valuable to your mental and physical health. #selfcare #personalgrowth #wellness #hobbies
Wondering if your hobby has value? Or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby that is going to enrich your life? In this article, you’ll find the best hobbies that are profitable and valuable to your mental and physical health. #selfcare #personalgrowth #wellness #hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to enrich your life. So many times, hobbies are passed over as time-wasters or as mundane but they’re far from it! They’re so integral to self-care and your development that I would encourage you to allow yourself to practice a favorite hobby of yours daily! Yes, daily!

Although hobbies are so important, they’re often cast aside or under-prioritized because their value isn’t as high as something else. Not only will we go over how to prioritize hobbies, but we’re also going to look at how we can shift your mindset to find a higher value in your leisure time activities.

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Sometimes we hold ourselves back because of that negative mindset of not working or being busy as time wasters. This negativity leads us to under-prioritize the things that bring us joy and enrich our lives.

Let’s look at an example. I’ll use reading as an example for this impact. When you sit down to read, do you feel guilty that you should bedding something else? Do you feel as if you should do everything important first before you sit down?

It’s this constant guilt and not making this integral self-care time a priority because of a busy mindset. We as a generation have become so obsessed with being productive and busy that we lose sight of the big picture. When we’re running so fast, we miss the landscape and the small paths we could have taken in between.

Today we’re going to focus on training your mindset to find the real-life skills in your hobbies and pastimes. We’ll dig into how we can shift your mindset into making your hobbies into translatable skills for your professional life and personal life too!

What keeps you from doing what you enjoy?

Hobbies have a lot of unspoken value to them to begin with! They bring excitement, fulfillment and most of all enrichment to our lives. So, why allow other mundane tasks to muddle up your time?

Some may be held back by the following:

  • Guilt: guilt of not doing something else that you’ve prioritized.

  • Not valuable: Your hobby doesn’t hold a lot of value to you in the grand scheme of things.

  • Low energy: after everything else, all you can do is sleep. (psst, break this cycle & take care of yourself!)

  • Time: For those who are staring at the screen, thinking: “Time? What time?”

If you’re struggling with time, I love helping others with time management and have a truckload of articles for you. These will help you learn how to prioritize, schedule, and cut out the fluff so you make the most of your days. When you consciously set aside time for a hobby or something you enjoy, you are investing in yourself.

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Let’s dive in and open up with some clarifying questions. Grab your pen or open a document, so we can find out about your hobbies. Let’s find out what’s holding you back and see how they are so much more important than you may think!

If you had nothing holding you back, what would you do with your time?

Allow yourself some real reflection time to really go over this question. Play with your imagination and go into an ideal day for yourself. No obligations, no stipulations, and no restrictions.

For me, it’s important to have an imagination question in my daily journal. If you’re a daily journaler or a bujo fan, give your imagination some wiggle room each day. Our imagination breaks us free from the limiting beliefs and closed mindsets. allowing some energy to go into this activity is always encouraged!

Of all of your hobbies, what is one that you could not live without?

It’s easy to list every activity you enjoy, but let’s talk about The One. What’s that one thing that you enjoy that you couldn’t go on without?

Narrow down what’s most important in your free-time and what you truly enjoy doing. Use this activity to explore the natural hierarchy of your time and where everything falls into place. This will help you determine if you’re prioritizing your favorite hobby or not.

For example, if you enjoy reading and sewing, but you listed sewing above reading in the hierarchy, what’s the likelihood that you sew more than you read? This will help you determine what your hurdle is so we can find a solution!

What holds you back?

Go into detail about this one! Look at the four above and see if there’s one that keeps you from your hobbies more than another.

Do you feel guilty? In the grand scheme of things, does your hobby fall short on long term value? Are you completely wiped out because you ran yourself ragged? Or maybe you’re 10 minutes away from midnight and you have to be up in 3 hours?

For today, we’re going to dive into the value of your hobbies. Your hobbies have real life value and are not only important to your self-care of just doing something you enjoy, but they also have skills that can translate into your personal and professional life too.

The hobbies that you have right now are more than likely super valuable to your personal and professional life and you may not even know it! Most hobbies have underlying qualities that can translate easily when you know where to look.

Let’s look at a handful of them to see how they are treasures outside of your leisure time. In the comments below, tell me about your favorite hobby and let’s find its “real-life” value together!


Hobby cooking is completely different from “hungry”-cooking for those of you who listed cooking as their favorite. For this hobby, time management is a huge skill listed over and over again for its takeaway!

Let’s develop that a bit more. It gives you an opportunity to practice getting a lot done in a short period of time and puts you in a natural time-flow that is rhythmic and natural. Planning the meal, getting the food, prepping the meal, and so on. You begin to crunch time and find the most effective ways possible to get everything ready before everyone shows up at the table!

Not only does it give your brain a boost, but let’s not forget about the actual value in choosing what you’re going to fuel your body with!


By dabbling in creative writing, you begin to invoke a powerful voice that is filled with personality and passion. If you’re struggling with meetings, public speaking, or even just conversation in general, writing can help break that cycle and help.

When you write daily, you get your thoughts out of your mind and onto paper. We get so caught up in our thoughts that we begin to stumble over words and sometimes just finishing a conversation. Writing knocks those cobwebs loose and helps us align our thoughts. Training our thoughts this way will help our natural speech in the long run!

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Be it knitting, sewing, gluing, or anything that works with your hands and imagination, crafting is a gem for a lot of real-life benefits and skills! Not only does it help with anxiety, depression and chronic pain it also has results similar to meditation. Double meditation in your self-care practice! Woo!

On the science side, crafting activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which quiets the “fight or flight” response. This allows us to sharpen our focus and calm our thoughts. This allows us not to panic in situations and be afflicted with stress when we’re between a rock and a hard place. Even just enjoying a good crafting session at the end of a stressful day can be a great outlet for the day’s stress.


My personal favorite! I’m a firm believer in reading something and everything each day. An article, a book, a blog, something to keep your mind going and your thoughts flowing. Many studies show that reading can reduce stress by over 60%, so it’s a huge asset to your self-care.

Reading sharpens comprehension, teaches your mind to focus, and improves your vocabulary. Like creative writing, reading helps you with speech because of this. With focus training, you’re much more likely be able to complete tasks completely and thoroughly.

If you want to take it a step further and gain even more insight and knowledge, check out the best personal growth books I’ve read this year. These books not only will give you the benefits of reading but also give you an edge at succeeding at your goals.

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helping others

For all of these hobbies above, and any hobby, it’s important to look at what you can do to help others.

Whenever you have a hobby, looking at what you can do to help others is the secret to fulfillment. No joke, when you can enrich others, you become enriched yourself. Some people can create full-fledged hobby-businesses from helping others, while others are just adding to their enrichment.

Wondering if your hobby has value? Or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby that is going to enrich your life? In this article, you’ll find the best hobbies that are profitable and valuable to your mental and physical health. #selfcare #personalgrowth #wellness #hobbies

If you’re looking for more growth and development in your personal and work life, check out the Personal Growth hub. This page contains everything you need to nurture and grow into the person I know you can be and most importantly, want to be!

In the comments below, tell me about your hobby and let's see what skill we can find in it together! Let’s start the discussion to help other’s who are going through the same!

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