The Top Self-Care Ideas for Stressful Days

Ugh. Has it been one of those days? One of those stressful days where you need some serious self-care to recover? Have you been going through what seems like a bad week or even a bad month?

Bad days and the stress from them tend to roll over into the next day if we don’t alleviate that stress quickly. If we just turn a blind eye to our stress or just push through, our thoughts and feelings are pushed aside as well and allowed to remain in that stressed-out state.

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In this article, we’re going to go through some tips for serious self-care for stressful days. Not only are these tips easy to follow and implement, but they’re for real-life problems.

These tips are mindful of your time, your energy level, and just need you to plug them in to begin taking that stress level down.

Write it Out

Any time you’re struggling with intrusive, ruminating thoughts, especially while stressed, just keeping it in your head does more harm than good.  When you write down an uncensored thought, you bring that thought into the realty.

Even if it’s not a stressful thought, just getting the static out for a clearer thought process does wonders for your stress levels.

If you’re new to writing down your thoughts, I want to encourage you to just grab a piece of paper, write down what you’re thinking and feeling, and throw it away.

Sometimes when you’re first starting out, you’ll have a tendency to censor yourself. This comes from always writing something for others to read. If you tear up what you wrote, you’ll get more honest thoughts and feelings down to practice.

This type of uncensored writing will become easier with time and practice.

Once you’ve become comfortable with this type of writing, you can continue to write and recycle, or you can begin a journal. I’m an advocate for journaling for your emotional well-being, and I dedicated a whole article about what journaling best suits your personality and habits.

If you’re just starting out, you will want to un-censor your writing style first before diving in. The more you can let out and onto paper, the better.

Unplug from Negativity

Have you been feeling drained after some downtime scrolling through Instagram? Or maybe just had one too many eye rolls at your Facebook feed when you’re trying to relax?

Social media can be such an inspiration for positivity and growth, but without darkness they’re cannot be light. There can be some truly negative people who pop into your social media world. Sometimes they’re going through a tough time and need a venting place, other times they could just not be a great match for your personality.

Whatever the reason is, we just need to unplug from those triggers when we’re overburdened with our own stress. Allow yourself to recharge until you’re balanced on these very stressful days.

Focus on your Physical Well-being

Stress wrecks havoc on our mind and body, so much so that it’s linked as the number one killer of women in recent studies. On stressful days, a health centric self care should be a huge focus.

Cook (or order!) a meal that’s nutrient rich to help replenish your reserves after their overtime. When we’re over stressed, our bodies start grabbing more fuel to cope with the mental output.

Maybe even some light exercise. I recently found out that the body releases the same feel good hormones during a light workout as it does when we’re actually happy. How crazy is that?!

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The must have self care ideas for a stressful day and how to easily unwind. These strategies can be implemented into any routine and promote long-term success for dealing with stress in a healthy way. #selfcare #personalgrowth #selfcareroutine #wellness

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Mindful, Inspiring Reads

Whenever you’re decompressing, pass on the television and opt for something to read instead. Your brain goes into repair mode easier when it’s not being overstimulated by the sights, sounds, and dialogue of a show.

Choosing to read a physical book or maybe a short news article can help your brain take some time to work on getting you back up to 100%. Choosing a book that’s out there to help you and give you a peek into a new perspective may be right up your alley after a long day!

If you’re keeping your clutter down, I’ve been transitioning to reading just eBooks. It was tough at first, but I found that Kindle has made this transition really easy. Not only do you get access to every book under the sun, but it’s completely free and you don’t even need to have an actual Kindle to get the app!

Check them out here!

Not only do they have every book under the sun, but they also have an amazing unlimited plan where you can read everything. No joke, this was a huge game changer for me and my reading. All of the books, tab already picked up and free.

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Talk it out & Get Clarity

Along with writing it out, talking it out is another major must-have during my stressful days. Even if you don’t really have someone to completely unload on, just letting off some steam or hypothetical-talk to others can be such a positive step in the right direction.

Another way of talking it out is just saying what you’re thinking aloud. If you’re having a rough time, talking it aloud to yourself can make those thoughts more realistic and can bring you better clarity on what you should do.

If you have a coach or a mentor, this can be a really great time to talk about obstacles and the why’s behind your stress. Letting off the steam feels great, but getting the clarity to improve it is worth it’s weight in gold.

The must have self care ideas for a stressful day and how to easily unwind. These strategies can be implemented into any routine and promote long-term success for dealing with stress in a healthy way. #selfcare #personalgrowth #selfcareroutine #wellness

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Add Something Out of Your Normal Routine

This was by-far my favorite and love recommending this to others! When you add in something new to your routine, you don’t necessarily forget the stressful day, but you process it by rewarding yourself with something new.

Let’s say after a hectic, stressful day of work, your routine is to fire up the microwave dinner and plop in front of Netflix before rolling off to bed.

What if you could do anything you wanted with your evening? Just the thought alone makes it more of a reward for doing your best with your stressful day. Instead of the norm, what if you took a walk around the block? Or even went out for a pre-dinner coffee or tea?

Adding little, surprise rewards for yourself can do wonders for getting yourself out of the stress. You begin to process the day differently and don’t look back on it as “all-bad.”

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The must have self care ideas for a stressful day and how to easily unwind. These strategies can be implemented into any routine and promote long-term success for dealing with stress in a healthy way. #selfcare #personalgrowth #selfcareroutine #wellness