The Easiest Way to Overcome Any Struggle with Decluttering

The struggle with decluttering...  It’s real and you’re about to pull your hair out, right? Wherever you are in your journey to live a more minimal life, you may find yourself struggling with decluttering.

Within this article, we’ll go over the easiest decluttering tips to overcome any struggle with your home organization and give you the decluttering motivation you need to keep going! Simple to implement and will refocus on your goals to conquer your clutter and finally get your house back to decluttered and organized.

These methods are tried and true for any sized clutter and even the most stubborn don’t stand a chance!

All of the struggles are different and unique, but everyone on this journey has experienced at least one or more them. You’re in good company, and we’re going to go through two of the easiest, sure-fire way to make these struggles a thing of the past. For good!

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Let’s look at some of the common struggles with decluttering and let the air out of each of these. I know that I’ve said one (or several…) of these along my journey.

“I still have too much stuff…”

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor should you feel that you need to be completely bare-bones on your first few steps. Minimalism is a journey and the items that you collected happened over a long, long period of time.

Remember, you’re taking the time to unravel a lifetime of your previous lifestyle. It took time to collect it, it’s going to take time to uncollect it.

If you’re at this crossroad, then take a step back and look at your progress thus far. Look at where you were when you started.

It’s easy to hold someone else’s ruler up to your journey.

“I’m more stressed than I was before I started, what gives?”

Change is stressful.

Even change that we’re putting on ourselves to be better!

Our thoughts have a way of trying to keep us safe by not inducing too much disruption to our daily lives. Even if you’re unhappy in the static-life.

Keep your eyes towards your goal and stay focused on your why. Be a cheerleader for yourself and find other’s who have gone through the same struggle.

“I feel like I just keep reorganizing the same things and I never use them”

If you’re just shuffling these from one spot to another, ask yourself:

Is this really worth keeping?

In How to Declutter Sentimental Items, there are a few ways to tackle this hurdle if you’re running into this with sentimental items. This is my biggest hurdle and it takes time to be able to let go. Allow yourself the time you need to be able to let these items go.

For everything else: give your items 3 strikes. If you’re on your third declutter and the item has been shuffled three times without being touched, it may be time to find it a new home. Giving an item a new life with someone else is a great way to part with it without feeling guilty for doing such.

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“I don’t know what to do now that I’m done…”

Step back and look how far you’ve come! If you’re a decluttering veteran, this can ache at you.

Once again, don’t use other’s rulers to measure your success. You are your own person, on your own journey. Use other’s journeys to keep you motivated to continue on yours. Don’t fall into the trap of comparison!

Sometimes we can’t all have one plate and one fork to live, and that’s okay!

When you’re in the thick of it, it’s easy to feel isolated in your thoughts. Whether you’re a decluttering veteran or just making the switch to a more minimal life, using these two ways can conquer any type of negative thought and overcome your struggle with declutter!

Overcome any struggle with decluttering in these two easy ways. Simple to implement and will refocus your mindset to conquer your clutter and live a minimalist lifestyle. #minimalism #decluttering #organization #downsizing

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Focus on your “why”

You always here the same question over and over: “what’s your why?” Your “why” for decluttering does not have to be profound, it could be as simple as “I have too much stuff.”

Grab your journal, open a fresh document on your computer, grab a piece of paper and a pen, whichever you prefer and get your “why” into words. You don’t have to share it with anyone but having it out in the open will help you focus on it.

After you write out your “why,” now write down your struggle that you’re having. Once again, it does not have to be profound, and don’t feel that you have to make it profound to justify it.

Once you have your why and your struggle looking back at you, ask yourself:

“Is the struggle I’m having now in alignment with my why?”

If your struggle is so out there, that it’s not even in the same field with your why, then do not waste your time and energy worrying about it. You want to focus on hurdles and obstacles that will keep you on your journey.

Not someone else’s journey.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in other’s why’s, how’s, and all of the in between, but at the end of the day, knowing your why and how to stay on track is no one but yours.

Reflect back on your goals

What’s your decluttering goal?

Wait, wait, wait. That’s an overwhelming question, especially if we’re asking it amidst a difficult time in your decluttering. Let’s look at this room by room.

Break down your goals room by room of how you want it to look and feel. Think about what you want to include in each room and the activities you do in each.

What’s your decluttering goal for your living room? What do you want in there once you’re done decluttering? I found that when I start at the end-goal of what something will look like after the work works better when I plan.

Spider-webbing back from that end-goal and really visualize what’s there and what’s not in the room will help tremendously.

If you put your struggles up to your why and your goal, they don’t stand a chance.

Decluttering motivation & Mindset

When we write down our struggles against our why and our goal, these struggles usually seem so small. Because they are! Our thoughts are so used to protecting us from profound change that sometimes they overwhelm us with the most trivial of things.

No matter where you are in your journey, you will hit a bump in the road. That little voice inside giving you a laundry list of why you can’t. Show that voice whose boss, and put those negative comments up against your goals, your why’s, and your belief in yourself.

Never forget that your journey in minimalism is all your own. Not one journey is the same, however we all experience these bumps, these “I can’t.” Find the strength in yourself to face these head-on and the struggle with decluttering won’t stand a chance!

Overcome any struggle with decluttering in these two easy ways. Simple to implement and will refocus your mindset to conquer your clutter and live a minimalist lifestyle. #minimalism #decluttering #organization #downsizing

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The easiest decluttering tips to overcome any struggle with your home organization and give you the decluttering motivation you need to keep going! Simple to implement and will refocus on your goals to conquer your clutter and finally get your house back to decluttered and organized. #minimalism #decluttering #organization #homeorganization