What Opt-In is best for your business?

In this post, you will learn what opt-in is best for your business. We’ll go over what lead magnets will be successful for your creative business as well as what you can offer right now to start seeing sales.

Having an email list for your audience is a huge advantage when building your business. When you have a list of your most loyal fans, it becomes easy to serve them with your products and offers.

But the question is: how do you get them to sign up for your email list? How can you show them the value of what’s inside your emails in a way that feels like a no-brainer to them?


Hands down, your business’s opt-in is the key to getting your ideal clients and a loyal audience following.

Once you’ve arrived at this a-ha moment, choosing an opt-in can be an overwhelming decision. What do you include? What happens after they opt-in to your email list? How can you retain them?

All of those questions focus back into what your message is and how you serve your audience. So, let’s begin by breaking down each question and making this whole opt-in thing easy!

What is an email opt-in? What is a lead magnet?

An opt-in is a free offer you give to your audience in exchange for their email address. A lead magnet is the same thing.

Opt-ins and lead magnets help your business by leading your audience into a sales funnel and/or a marketing email list. This way, you can help your audience solve their problem by offering them more and build the relationship with them at a deeper level.

Whether you’re offering services or products, opt-ins can be a great way to give your audience a sneak peek at what you offer and how you deliver!

It’s like reading the back cover of the book (your website or social) and then reading the inside flap (your opt-in) before reading the book (buying your offer.)

How to find the right opt-in offer for your clients

Opt-ins can sound super intimidating, but they are one of the easiest, and frankly, most fun part of connecting with your audience.

Imagine: you’re looking for the best color scheme for your party, and you stumble across a post from an event planner which helps you choose a theme. Excellent!

But what would be even more amazing is that this event planner has a free quiz to find your perfect décor items for your party! You enter your email and click through and not only did you find a great theme for your party, but you got a personalized décor recommendation too!

When you take a high up view of a problem and start connecting other solutions, you build an experience that your audience will naturally gravitate towards. In this example, the event planner knew that someone would look for color schemes for a party and she could solve that. But going the extra mile, she connected another solution she could offer and that was décor options with an opt-in.

Whether you’re writing a blog post or a social media post, connecting your audience with more will always be a great start at finding what you could offer them to opt-in to your email list.

What types of email opt-ins are most successful?

There are so many amazing ideas out there that can help deliver your message to your audience in different ways. Finding the opt-in that connects your message to your audience’s problem can be found in how you deliver your message.

When it comes to which opt-in is best your audience, a good question to ask is:

What type of content resonates with my audience? What do they engage with?

Video? Written? Both? Whichever you choose, if you make the choice, will help you to narrow down which opt-in is the most successful for your email list.

In this article, we’ll dive into the top nine opt-in formats that you can offer to entice your audience. These types of opt-ins will help you narrow down how to deliver your message and help connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Ebook Opt-in

If you have an ebook that you want to reach more people, you can utilize a part of it as an opt-in!

Offering a chapter of your ebook as an opt-in will help, not only give your audience a sneak peek and have them crave more, but also bring in people looking for your solution.

For your eBook opt-in, you could also offer a bonus chapter that helps your audience get prepared for your eBook like a starter chapter or maybe an introduction that can guide them along easier.

Workbook Opt-In

Have something that your audience needs a few steps to work through? Maybe some journal prompts to help a potential coaching client get through some limiting beliefs?

A workbook as an opt-in is a great solution to help move your clients along a path from start to finish to see an amazing, short-term result.

Although we’d like to think all of our audience as go-getters and action-takers, some of them need a bit more encouragement and hand-holding when it comes to workbooks.

What I love to do with workbooks are to spread them out into worksheets in an email campaign alongside providing the entire workbook. So, day one, you release a worksheet, check in on how they did before giving them the next one. This way you can continue to engage them and help through get through that awkward hump of starting their work.

Adventures Abroad Workbook Template
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How many times have you been tempted to take a quiz to find out your perfect match? Quizzes are fun, light-hearted ways to build a niched down connection with your audience.

Let’s say that you have a pretty broad audience and you’re looking to really personalize your connections. When you email them their results, you can set up segmentations to their individual results!

Did someone end up as boho chic on your quiz? You can start sending them personalized emails (and offers!) that coincide with their interest in boho chic.

Protip: Even if you already have a list, a quiz is a great way to further segment them down through out the year.  

Email Course Opt-In

Have a big subject that your audience is hoping to learn about from you? Guide them through a fun course that’s going to get them results at the end of it!

Having a course spread out through a series of emails can be a huge motivator for your audience because it’s like you’re already there with them! Opt-in courses can be drip emails or hosted on a course platform like Podia, Thinkific, and so on.

This is a great option if you offer services to your audience and want them to experience what it’s like working with you side by side. Experiencing your methodology is one of the quickest ways for your audience to decide if they’re ready to go for your services.

Challenge Opt-In

Challenges are a super fun way to interact with your audience and work really, really well on social platforms like Instagram.

Challenging your audience to join you in something really helps to build a sense of community within your audience. Not only does this work well when you launch in real-time, but it’s easy to translate it into evergreen content by encouraging hashtags or mentions on socials to let your audience know you’re holding them accountable.

Resource Library Opt-In

Have a bunch of content lying around? Or maybe you’ve already sent out a bunch of emails that are hanging out in your Convertkit broadcasts?

Use this backlog and organize it into a place your email subscribers can visit to access an email sub zone. You can use a platform like Podia to have them all stored neatly in one space, or you can use a membership site design where they can create an account on your website.

Masterclasses/Webinars Opt-In

Already had a livestream and it was so well received by your audience you wanted to repeat it over and over again?

Turn your previous livestreams into evergreen webinars or masterclasses, where your audience can access it when they need your help!

You can create a follow-along workbook or written content and build the value of the course for those signing up for the evergreen version.

Breaking up your classes into modules can also help you to keep the content fresh and easier to manage when it comes time to update your information.

Protip: Double your incentive and combine your masterclass/webinar in a resource library as an add-on to your audience when they sign up!

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Livestream Invite Opt-In

This one is so underutilized, but it is an absolute show STOPPER when it comes to an amazing opt-in for your audience.

Let’s say that your business would benefit from a monthly livestream to your audience. Nothing too flashy, but just a chance to answer questions, talk about a mini-topic, you know, something fun for your audience to get inspired by and excited for.

Setting aside an hour per month to go live with your audience and invite your email subscribers could be a huge incentive if you’re looking to take your message to the next level. When you’re live with your audience, you can find out what questions they have and what solutions you can provide for them in real time.

Plus, being invite only, you can bring a sense of community between your audience and have them support each other by meeting up and engaging.

In this post, you will learn what opt-in is best for your business. We’ll go over what lead magnets will be successful for your creative business as well as what you can offer right now to start seeing sales. #business #emailmarketing #emaillist #blogging #emailoptin

Easy Opt-In Ideas

One of the biggest perks to opt-ins is that you can usually make your opt-ins from content that you’ve already posted before.

Sometimes entrepreneurs like to reinvent the wheel for everything in their business, but by rebranding and repackaging your seasoned content is one of the best ways to help your audience.

Did you do an Insta-Live on a certain topic your audience went wild for? Compile it together and make a webinar that can be a cornerstone in your email marketing!

If your folks went crazy for it when you were live, there’s a huge possibility that more people are looking for it. When you transfer content into an evergreen format, you’re providing long term value for your clients and allow for new clients to enter your audience.

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