Goal Planning for Your Self Care Routine

Psst - Make sure you have your Self Care Goal Planner handy and something to write with! 📝

Today we’re talking about something we dabbled in the Self Care Toolkit, but it definitely needs a bigger light shone on it. This topic is essential for you completely transforming your self care routine.

We’re going over one of the key elements that helped me and hundreds of others with their self care routine: goal planning. Not only do you have an all inclusive planner to help guide you, but below, I’ll help you along with how to use it effectively!

“Goal” can sometimes be a four letter word when we’re diving into something new.

It can be from a fear of commitment, fear of failure, or even just fear of just becoming too rigid.

If you’re having a tough time with trying to stick to goals, this planner is here to put the bumpers on for you. It’ll act as your guide through getting you from where you are now to where you dream and deserve to be.

So, let’s jump in and dive into setting some fantastic goals!

Your Big Self Care Goal

In this section of your Self Care Planner, there is a ton of room for good reason!

When we’re starting something new, there’s always that bad habit to play it safe, to not want to get into too many details because it may not happen. Shake off those limiting beliefs, and allow yourself to get really-real in this section.

You can use your goal from the Self Care Toolkit’s worksheet, or you can start fresh with a brand new, unlimited goal. One that is going to recharge you.

So, this is the spot where a lot of people, women especially, hold back from dreaming too big. When you look at the umbrella portion of goal, it can be hard to stop thinking small. Those small tasks that kind of get you towards an idea, but aren’t a true, big goal.

For this section, here is an example of one of those big, encompassing goals:

  • “I want my self care to start feeling like my time and energy belong to me. When I get up in the morning, I want to feel as if I control my emotions and I’m not just drifting. If something comes up that I don’t align with, I’m not going to put any energy into it. When I say no, I mean no and I won’t bend if I’m pressed or pressured. I will go to bed at night excited for what the next day will bring…”

Get detailed, real-detailed, about what you want out of your self care routine.

The more real, more nets that you can cast out, the more intertwined you can make your goal.

You are in charge of the way your life looks, and you are allowed to create it in exactly the way that feels good to you.

Allow yourself to write out all of those self care goals you want and need.

Breaking Down Your Goals by Time frame

This was by-far the one thing that helped me to overcome my own limits of procrastination!

The next few pages on your Self Care Goal Planner are dedicated to taking those goals and breaking them down into smaller segments.

It was so easy for me to write out those big dreams and goals, and not have a clue on how to get towards them.

With your Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly worksheets, these will help to break down those big goals and help guide you towards achieving them easily.

When using these worksheets, using calendar time frames works the best for breaking down your goals. If you’re scratching your head on how to break these down, ask yourself this:

  • With my big self care goal, how can I achieve it in four ways?

This question will help you to map out your quarterly goals. Every three months, what can you accomplish that’s going to help you towards your goal?

For your monthly goals, go down quarter by quarter and ask:

  • For my quarterly goal, what can I do each of these three months to reach my goal?

Scaling back your goal from the big picture down to the week is what is going to completely transform your self care and give you a better focus on what you need.

Actionable Self Care & Top Priorities

In your Self Care Guide, we dabbled in weekly and daily tracking and accountability for your self care routine. Combine those with your Weekly and Daily Goals and you’ll be unstoppable.

Just as your quarterly and monthly, break down your self care into weekly goals to reach each monthly goal. Daily goals for each weekly goal.

In your Self Care Goal Planner, you also have a worksheet for your Top Three Priorities each day. Use this worksheet every single day when you’re first starting out!

Prioritization is one of the biggest obstacles we face when starting a new routine. We feel bad, guilty, that taking time for ourselves or saying no, is eating into time that’s “more valuable.”

Each day, use this worksheet and detail out three things that you want to accomplish each day. Think of this as your tether back to your big goal. You want to take better care of yourself, what are three things you can do within the day to feel recharged?

In those spaces for each, get detailed in how you’ll prioritize each, how you’ll schedule it, when, and so on.

Bringing it All Together

Allow yourself some real time to reflect and deep dive into these worksheets. Working backwards, from big to small, is one of the best things you can do for making your dreams into plans.

This process is the one process I wish I knew when I first started to settle into my own self care routine now. So many times I would dream up what I wanted my life to look like, but I didn’t have a clear plan on how to get there. This planner takes the guess work out of it.

The best part? You can change it whenever you want, you’re never “stuck” with something that doesn’t work for you.

The more details you can write into these worksheets, the more you’ll allow yourself to start intertwining them into your present and future life.

Once you have your goals laid out, use your Self Care Guide, Balanced Self Care, and Daily Self Care workbooks to help keep you motivated along the way!

These trackers and prompts will help you to see how far you’ve come and see where you have opportunities. When you have a clear “end-game” focus with a clear path to get there, you’ll easily be able to start working towards a self care routine that works for you!