The Ultimate Self Care Guide for 2019

WOO! You’ve made the big, ginormous leap into taking care of yourself. Your mind, your body, your relationships, everything around you is about to kickstart into the hyperdrive of amazing!

Not only do all of these areas of your life thank you but take this time to thank yourself for showing up here. For taking note of what’s going on in your life and being proactive, give yourself a moment to appreciate the strength it takes to get here.

As they say, showing up is half the battle. But you’re here, and you’re ready to start making some serious waves by taking care of yourself!

I know self care is hard to keep a priority when there’s so many more things vying for your attention, but this is where I step in!

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Within this guide, you’ll find all of the tools to help keep you on track for successfully implementing self-care into your daily routine. That’s right, we’re making it a priority in 2019! And when you make self care a priority, you begin to see the results and experience the benefits of finally being balanced.

No one else is going to prioritize our health, happiness, and energy, so we may as well learn how to do it for ourselves the right way.

This guide is a mix of tracking, journaling, and planning all rolled into a sure-fire way to get you into the habit of self care. That’s right, we’re making it a routine the right way!

Let’s jump into what the guide entails and how to use it!

Set Your Tone

Before you start working away at your amazing, new routine, set your tone for your practice. It’s so easy to go with the flow mindlessly as we have been, even if we know this new change it’s good for us.

Sometimes your heart doesn’t end up in a new routine because you haven’t put it there yet. The first pages of this guide are for you to affirm why you’re making self care a priority this year.

What made this your year? Why? Other than yourself, how can other’s benefit from you taking care of yourself? All of the good things you want to keep at the forefront of why you’re starting this practice!

All of these important reminders to help you along the way are right smack-dab in the beginning of the guide for you to recall on and remind yourself why this practice is important and necessary for you. If you’re feeling a bit down or face an obstacle, read through what you wrote down.

List Out Self-Care Ideas

After setting the tone for the next 30 days, we move on to a GINORMOUS brainstorm page of everything self care! I started you off with 7 ideas to get your juices flowing, but I want you to take some time and really dive into some real world self-care that you like and could see yourself doing.

This could be anything from taking a walk every day or maybe having a home-cooked meal 3 times a week… The possibilities are endless and they’re completely yours to write down.

If you’re getting stumped, think about the common denominator of self care. It’s an act that makes you feel wholesomely good. Something that really just gives you those butterflies and just fuzzy feelings after you’ve done them.

Anything you can think of for yourself, jot it down!

Your Self Care Goals

Now that you’ve picked out a bunch of self care ideas, it’s time to really hone your focus in what’s going to be your top self care pick for this month!

Once you’ve selected just one item you want to practice from your list, this goes in your Primary Goal spot on your sheet. For the next 30 days, this is going to be your main focus!

Sometimes we can become a little over the top when it comes to starting a new routine. We dig our hands into so many different to-do’s and practices that we begin to lose that juggling act.

Focusing on just one will allow you to put all of that excitement and energy into one mission, one routine. Once you get through the first 30 days, you’ll have kicked away any of the first-30 jitters and start on the path towards a true routine!

Right underneath your Primary Goal, jot down why you chose this over everything else on your list. Why is it important to you? Get deep into the details, you’ll be surprised why you chose it!

Your Self-Care Goals - Plan Your Obstacles

When you’re first seriously starting out on a new routine, it’s so essential to make sure that you plan out your obstacles before you even begin a new routine. That’s why on Your Self Care Goals sheet, we’re listing out our top 3 obstacles that have plagued us in the past!

But best of all? We’re talking about and brainstorming how we can overcome them too!

Use this part of the sheet (grab more paper if needed) go into details as to how will solve these foreseeable obstacles.

For example, one of your obstacles could be time. Maybe your self care routine doesn’t stick because your schedule gets busy and out goes everything but the kitchen sink, right? So, in the space next to it, what would you do differently? Would you wake up 20 minutes earlier? Maybe prioritize your day differently by using a planner?

Solving your obstacles before they happen allow you to see the big picture and already have a roadmap on how to detour around them.

Self Care Incorporation, Planners, & Journal Pages

This is my favorite part of the guide! I love weaving new routines into real life, and this is how to make sure your new self care routine is interlaced with your real day to day schedules.

I get it! It’s extremely difficult to add anything more to your plate, but this will let you step back and really see your schedule and to plan around it.

Along with your self care goals, there’s also a spot to put your top 3 goals (not related to self care) along with top 5 healthy habits tracker! These can be any type of nonnegotiable health and wellness goals, such as drinking water, getting 8 hours of sleep, so on and so forth.

Within your guide, there are several planners to help you along in the first 30 days and beyond. I recommend using all of them together to help keep you pecking away towards prioritizing your health and wellness in 2019 through self care.

Coming from a holistic standpoint, when you incorporate your self care into as many facets of your lifestyle as possible, you increase your likelihood of success tenfold.    

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Let’s about your progress here in the comments, I can’t wait to hear from you!