Micro-Category Bonus Worksheets

Along with the Completely Organized & Clutter Free series, I want you to have this bonus worksheet to help with the aftermath of all of your hard-work.

This is the Micro-Category printable that is going to help with clearing out smaller categories after you’ve done your initial declutter & organize.

Once you’ve finished with your initial worksheet, this one is going to shoot your progress through the roof!

As I thought back to when I first started decluttering & organizing, man, it was TOUGH.

Not only did I have a lot of stuff, but I wanted SO bad to keep so many things because of all of those I made excuses as to why I needed them.

Going through a room can be a huge undertaking and can be quite daunting at times. Not only do you have the first huge wave, but it can seem like you’re not making any progress at first.

This is the exact reason why I went on the search to find the best course of action for getting my house back to balanced.

I went through so many things that just didn’t work for the amount of stuff that I had accumulated, and it just didn’t address my problems with real life solutions.

This series was born out of this struggle and this bonus is what I used to help keep pecking away at my clutter.

I wanted that big progress, that balance that I knew was right there, and day by day, I just kept going through a new micro category for each room to further go through my items.

This worksheet will take those big categories and break them down even further for you to go through more items. Day by day, I was able to finally start seeing progress in my rooms.

And just for going through the same situation, I want you to have the same process I followed with this worksheet.

In the Micro-Category Printable Worksheet, let me help you deep dive into those smaller categories after you’ve gone through your initial list. After you’ve done a clean sweep, use this list to break your items down further into smaller categories to declutter.

Thank you again for letting me tag along in your journey and I’m here to help you in any way I can!

Keep your eyes peeled for another bonus that I have coming your way that has been the most requested area since this series began! It’s finally here and it’s exclusive for you!!

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