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It’s time to stop the clutter & get organized

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Or are you ready to finally start organizing in a sustainable way that will feel more natural and is less work than traditional organization methods?

if you’re raising your hand, keep reading!

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The idea of home as a sacred space has long held true across many generations and many cultures.

This sacred space can be a place for wonderful memories, blossoming relationships, and the many milestones of your family’s lives.

The Completely Organized & Clutter Free Series started as just a few tips and tricks that I picked up when my husband and I moved from a 450 sq ft apartment into a 1700 sq ft house.

Frustrated by the learning curve, I kept a trial-and-error book of tips that were a waste of time and others that were pure gold.

Through trial and error, I was able to effectively find what works best for anyone looking to stop the habitual decluttering, the unrealistic organization standards, and start implementing real life strategies to get your house back to being balanced

this series is all about
finding your balance

Each room in this series is designed to help you find what works best for you when you’re organizing and making your way towards becoming clutter free.

A free checklist is provided with each room and is your’s to use for your project.

This series can be used as a whole day project to get your house back to balanced or it can be used to bit by bit to tackle the clutter within your schedule.

How you choose this series is up to you; each room’s guide is made to be flexible for any lifestyle and any sized space.

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This series is made for those who are looking for a guide that’s:

  • easy to follow and has little supplies needed,

  • flexible & works with your schedule,

  • reasonable in what it takes be clutter-free, and

  • gives you sustainable ways to keep your environment balanced

Within each post, you’ll learn not only how to start decluttering, but each room has the most effective strategies to stay organized even after you’ve decluttered.


Looking for the most inclusive guide for long term organization

& how to stay clutter free for more than one day?

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For more in-depth help on conquering clutter and staying organized, check out the Completely Organized & Clutter Free Companion Guide.

This guide is packed with in-depth information and tools to help you not only reclaim your home, but also start healthy routines to maintain that clutter-free balance.

The Companion Guide includes:

  • Customizeable calendars to keep you on track

  • Detailed checklists for sustainable, long term organization

  • A complete guide on goal mapping and milestone marking for a successful decluttering

  • Easy guides & exercises to find out where you’re unbalanced

  • Daily practices to help you stay mindful towards your home’s balance & long term goals



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