Daily Gratitude Journal

Daily Gratitude Journal


Within the Daily Gratitude journal, you set yourself up for true goodness and kindness in your everyday life.

The benefits of gratitude are vast, and performing simple daily acts of gratitude can have a big impact on your health and happiness. Some of the benefits of daily gratitude are:

  • Focusing on gratitude for at least 5 minutes a day has been shown to increase your overall lifetime happiness by 10%

  • Researchers have found that a high level of gratitude has a strong positive impact on psychological well-being, self-esteem, and depression.

  • Research has shown that gratitude reduces envy, facilitates positive emotions, and makes us more resilient.

These effects are particularly evident in the practice of gratitude journaling. This mindful practice can give you a lasting mood boost that can take your attitude and feelings to a more positive level on a more regular basis.

Along with this journal, you will also receive the Ultimate Self Care Guide, access to our Community Only Resources, as well as a Daily Reflection Workbook as your free gift!

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Within the Daily Gratitude journal, you set yourself up for true goodness and kindness in your everyday life. These exercises will help to boost your mood, build your confidence, and inspire self love through mindfulness and gratitude. #mindfulness #gratitude #journal #printable

A workbook that focuses on consistency and mindfulness in your daily gratitude practice.

Included in this Daily Gratitude Journal, you’ll receive:

  • Eight exercises within this 10-page journal to help you define and practice your daily gratitude

  • A printable format that can be used over and over with lifetime use.

  • 2-sizes to fit any journaling needs: A4 and Letter, as well as printer and binder-friendly margins.

And just for purchasing your Daily Gratitude Journal, you’ll also receive :

  • The Ultimate Self Care Guide for 2019 - An all inclusive self care guide that will help you to deepen the relationship and kindness with yourself.

  • Daily Reflection Workbook - This workbook is designed to keep you focused, motivated, and mindful towards your days. Use this reflection workbook apart of your morning routine or your evening routine.

  • Exclusive Access to Community Only Resources - Our community knows that support is crucial for any big moves. We know the power behind a collective force and we’re ready to help. When you bring together a collective of fearless, goal-getting women, true magic begins. Within this community, this content is tailored for you from real-life obstacles and topics. You’ll get REAL content not found anywhere else on what’s most important to you.