Divinely Feminine Workbook Template

Divinely Feminine Workbook Template


About the Series

Enrich your clients in a luxurious experience with the Divinely Feminine series, our signature series for women entrepreneurs who want elegance and regality in their brand.

Inspired by the small streets of Paris, Divinely Feminine offers soothing, muted colors to welcome in your clients to your brand’s experience.

Inside each template, your brand has it all to start giving your clients an experience they’ll never forget.

About the Template

As the perfect complement to your course or email campaign, our workbooks are made with readability and deliverability at the center of the design.

Each workbook has 8 completely customizable pages developed to help you deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience.

Through photo placement to color choice, ease of accessibility is the cornerstone of our interactive workbooks for your creative business.

Our workbooks include:

  • 1 Cover Page

  • 2 Full-Length Information Pages

  • 1 Chapter Page

  • 1 Worksheet Page

  • 1 Checklist

  • 1 Notes Page

  • 1 Call to Action (CTA)/About Page

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What’s Included

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