Ready to take your email list to the next level?

Your business has enormous potential, but you don’t have a plan for your email marketing spelled out and locked into place to help you hit your big goals.

You’re going nowhere by spinning you wheels with all the things and ideas in mind but need someone to make sense of your brain dump and tell you what’s going to work to get that big revenue goal checked off.

It’s time to build a solid email marketing plan alongside a designer and strategist, so you have exactly what you need to grow and nurture your audience.

Imagine a deep dive into your business message, creative content, and how to reach your ideal clients. Together we’ll establish a plan to get your email marketing up to where you envision it. All the while, making it simple, automated, and, most importantly, personalized for your unique business and ideal clients.


Right now, you’ve been…

Dreaming of automated email marketing with zero plans to making them a reality

Having so much inspiration and ideas but being completely unsure which ones are worth executing

Stuck, confused, and overwhelmed with no clue of what to work on

But you’re destined for…

Having loads of confidence knowing that your email marketing is set on autopilot for you with dates and content written for an entire year

Knowing that your services and products are laid out in a way that your audience feels like it’s a no-brainer to buy after your solid email strategy

Having room to breathe knowing that you are serving your audience in a way that is going to help them and build their trust towards your brand

Growing an email list is one of the best ways to build a business that lasts

The easiest way to build & nurture a list of dream clients is by opt-in marketing & segmented sequences. That’s where I come in!

It’s time for the next chapter in your biz

My signature methodology is a 12 week, 1-on-1 program that will help you to:

develop evergreen systems for building your email list,

bring clarity to your design & message for your dream clients, &

give you peace of mind knowing that you’re providing value around the clock to your growing email list.

Our Methodology


Ideal Client Deep Dive

Study your best clients and analyze what they’re looking for from you, so you know exactly what they want



Development & Design

Analyze your content and develop a multi-level lead magnet & unique trip wire that is personalized to your ideal client’s needs



Email Sequence Planning & Deployment

Develop a strategy for your email sequences & audience segmentation, including what content to include, how to narrow down the right client through your sign ups, and how to utilize several, powerful formats to use throughout your business model



Promotion Planning

Develop a social calendar to begin promoting content that is in line with your new marketing sequences to plan, so you can map out your business year and know exactly what to focus on each month to hit your goals

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Who I Am


I’m Patricia, an Email Strategy Coach & Designer.

What I love, what I’m truly passionate about, is helping entrepreneurs thrive and make genuine connections with their audience through their creative business.

I believe that your creative biz will grow as long as you own your voice and package it into genuine, authentic message to your audience.

My first hand experience & specialty in doing so? I love designing email opt-ins that provide value, build engaged audiences, & enrich a successful business with ease.


What You’ll Receive

A fully designed Lead Magnet
Designed Opt-In Forms for your Website
A unique Bonus Opt-In to your Lead Magnet
Designed & developed Trip Wire for your dream clients
Plug & play email sequences to segment your audience
Done for you integration into your business’s CRM
CRM Design for Your Lead Magnet Sequence
Easy Social Promotion Templates via Canva
Developed Social Promo Calendar
Uniquely designed business card promoting your lead magnet

Are you ready to start the next chapter in your creative biz? Grab the attention of your dream clients? AND create a strategy that can grow your email list on auto-pilot?

Twelve weeks of 1-on-1 design, development, and support to completely revamp your email marketing.

Your investment: $4,000 USD

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